Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo Review: Get A Full Breakdown

When I evaluate all the features of the Lost Mary MT15000 Flavors, it's evident that it's a reliable disposable vape. There are many advantages and a few disadvantages.
Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo Review: Get A Full Breakdown

Is a new generation of high-capacity disposable vape with powerful specs and impressive lifespan. With up to 15,000 puffs per charge, does this ambitious device meet expectations for ease and performance? This hands-on review provides a complete breakdown.

This generates 15,000 puffs from 16ml of e-liquid and has two modes. If you've been looking for a Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo link with enough puffs and performance to rival with the largest and worst in the business, your wait is over. This is a turbo boost disposable vape with two settings, a high puff count, and cutting-edge features.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Smooth Mode provides mellow and continuous vapor at 11 watts. It is a discreet and tasty way to vape while also maximizing battery life and puff counts. Those wishing for more vapor and thick flavor can switch to the 22w Turbo Mode for a bigger impact.

The MT15000 Turbo link immediately impresses with its massive 15,000 puff reservoir, which defies usual disposable vape limits. This amounts to weeks of use before having to be discarded and replaced.

Lost Mary MT15000 Design 

This is a cool-looking throwaway. It has a spaceship appearance and even seems futuristic and 'extraterrestrial'. The majority of this vibe stems from the huge light display on the front of each gadget.

The glow display spans the full front of the gadget and illuminates with a distinct symbol for each flavor. All of the symbols appear alien and are not easily identifiable as anything specific. It's a cool feature, although it might be best defined as a gimmick.

The glow display may be turned off to save battery life (it's quite bright) by pushing both adjustment keys. Turning down the display also helps the MT15000 appear sleeker and less eye-catching.

Unfortunately, the display's plastic cover scratches easily. All of my devices have scuffs and scratches, most likely from being carried in my pockets alongside keys and other electronics.

Each of these devices is composed of plastic and has a gradient of colors that range from light at the top to dark near the bottom. The paint quality is outstanding, and I've noticed no fading or peeling. The back of the MT15000 has a textured dot pattern and displays the device name, flavor, and nicotine concentration.

Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo Features 

This one has a few extra features than your normal disposable vape, the most noticeable being the huge glow display I described earlier. The extraterrestrial hieroglyphic symbols are confusing but cool. I elected to turn off the display (by holding down both adjustment buttons) to save battery life and keep things modest. The wattage output and battery life are shown as numbers, while the ejuice indicator is a droplet icon with three sections.

When you inhale on the gadget, it shows your battery level (the lightning bolt icon next to the number). When you hit any of the adjustment buttons, it will first display your wattage output level, then the battery level.

The wattage may be adjusted from 10 to 20W. You may quickly modify the wattage by pushing either of the adjustment buttons next to the little display. I found that they performed best around 17-19W, but your experience may vary.

There is an adjustable airflow switch on the bottom. The airflow is restricted direct lung draw while wide open, but tight MTL draw when closed off. I found that leaving the airflow slightly open was the most enjoyable way to produce a warm MTL vape.

This vape switches between two 0.8Ω coils when vaping, resulting in improved flavor and device longevity. Because the 15000 is designed to offer 15000 puffs, this alternating twin coil configuration is nearly required to ensure that the coils remain long enough to achieve the promised puff count.

How Does Lost Mary MT15000 Flavors?

This vape is available in fifteen different flavors at launch. These include popular items like as sweets, with the majority being fruit and fruit combination flavors. Many of the flavors are shared, but some are novel. 

When the MT15000 battery is over ~35%, it provides excellent vaping performance. However, this is where I had some problems. At 17W+, the battery does not appear to last long, providing me with only about a day of use. Furthermore, below 35% battery, the draw becomes extremely weak, necessitating longer draws or premature recharge.

Aside from this issue, I was pleased with the MT15000's overall performance. The option to modify the wattage, together with the adjustable airflow, allows you to customize the draw exactly how you want. I loved the wattage (17-19W) and the practically closed airflow.

I found the 50mg/ml nicotine level to be too strong for restricted direct lung use, therefore I mostly vaped with the airflow set to MTL. However, if you're an RDL vaper, the chance exists.

The flavor from the dual alternating mesh coils is really incredible. The 50mg/ml nicotine salt ejuice within provides plenty of warmth, depth of flavor, and an overall extremely pleasurable draw. 

Furthermore, even though the battery appears to die quickly, the overall longevity of the devices appears to be adequate when considering the puff count. 


When I evaluate all the features of the Lost Mary MT15000 Flavors link , it's evident that it's a reliable disposable vape. There are many advantages and a few disadvantages. The tastes are excellent, and each device produces 15000 puffs. However, the loss of power when the battery falls below half is irritating and detracts from the entire experience. The flavors and flexibility make the MT15000 a terrific disposable option. The glow display is also nice, but needless because it appears to deplete the battery quite a bit.

Having said that, despite the few difficulties, I like using this vaporizer. I especially appreciate the two alternating mesh coils because they appear to improve the strength of the draw.

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