Lost Mary: A Mind-blowing Vaping Experience

Lost Mary: A Mind-blowing Vaping Experience

Are you looking for something that can fill your parties with great vibes? Are you looking for a perfect vape for yourself that can fill the flavor in your mouth with every puff? Are you looking for a vape with a long-lasting battery & maximum puff at a very low cost? Lost in a blast of flavors & vapor, Lost Mary by Elf Bar will give you the perfect experience of how vaping should be.

What is Lost Mary?

Lost Mary is a vape by Elf Bar which is extremely popular due to its IMiracle Technology Co. Ltd. Its significant performance is appreciated by people & mostly they recommend it because at a low cost of Rs. 1899 it can give you around 3500 puffs approximately which is a huge thing.

The vape comes prefilled with 20mg salt e-liquid of the flavor of your choice & doesn't fade after every puff. The flavor stays constant throughout your puffing which makes it suitable for those who are intense when they go for puffing rounds.

One more thing which makes Lost Mary by Elf Bar very unique is that you don't need to charge it again & again, it has a built-in 650mAh battery which makes it last longer than your friends. If you want you can recharge it to get the best vaping experience but mostly it will not be needed because you will never get low performance from it.

Lost Mary has a disposable tank so you will never get bored of a single flavor & not to forget that there is a plethora of flavor options for you to choose from which might get you confused because you are going to love all.

This vape contains some amount of nicotine which will be reflected in you before buying. If you want you can also purchase the Lost Mary by at zero percent nicotine to avoid it.

What are the different flavors of Lost Mary?

Lost Mary comes in vibrant flavors which are:

  • Blue raaz ice: This flavor is mildly sweet, creamy & mellow. It will bring a blast of Blue Raspberry flavor into your mouth.
  • Blue Sour Raspberry: This flavor is a mix of Blueberry & Raspberry. It will bring a fruity & sour taste to your mouth.
  • Blueberry cranberry cherry: This flavor is a perfect combination of several cherries to bring a fruity blast with every puff.
  • Bluerazz cherry: Who does not like Blueberry & the sweet & fruity flavor it brings?
  • Cherry peach lemonade: The perfect mix of cherry, peach & lemonade, this flavor is for those who love sour & refreshing flours.
  • Cola: The best flavor of Cola which will make you refreshed with every puff.
  • Energy: Boost yourself with a puff of energy with Lost Mary by Elf Bar.
  • Green apple: It has the flavor of Green apple & will give you an intense flavor with every puff.
  • Gummy Bears: It is the perfect flavor derived from gummy candies & who will not like that?
  • Kiwi passion fruit guava: It is a combination of the three most exotic fruits, Kiwi, Passion Fruit & Guava. It has a rich exotic aftertaste.
  • Mad blue: It is a heavenly combination of blueberries, raspberries, and blackcurrants, perfect for those who like rich & sweet flavors.
  • Red apple ice: It gives back the taste of rich red apple with every puff.
  • Sakura grape: For those who love grapes, this is the perfect flavor for you.
  • Triple berry ice: It is a mix of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry which makes it very exotic & sweet to taste.
  • Triple mango: With an intense flavor of exotic mangos, this is the most appropriate flavor of Lost Mary. It is extremely popular for its richness, sweetness & smoothness.
  • Watermelon ice: This rich watermelon flavor will refresh you completely & make you feel light.

Why should we buy Lost Mary?

The biggest reason you should buy Lost Mary by Elf Bar is that you are getting so many benefits at just Rs. 1899 which makes it a great deal at a low price. With Lost Mary by Elf Bar, you will face less trouble & can experience great puffing sessions with various popular flavors to choose from, which makes it a must-buy.

Is Lost Mary safe?

This product contains nicotine, so it is advised to use it in a limited & cautious. It is advised to keep kids away from this product.

End Note

Lost Mary by Elf Bar is extremely popular among people & is one of the most loved vapes in the world. It is affordable & comes in different flavors. It is disposable & prefilled with e-liquid which saves you from putting in the extra effort. It is best for an intense & amazing vaping experience & suitable for parties.

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