Lose Yourself with Geek Aegis Nano Pods

Lose Yourself with Geek Aegis Nano Pods

Love for vaping is burgeoning and so are the styles of the vape units. There are innumerable ways to vape but if you are a hardcore fan, you surely need an extra dose of the vape size and luxury, and Geek Aegis is all about that. Based on the concept of the nanoworld. It is a portable device that has all the vaping comforts. If you are looking for some reliable review before beginning your journey with the Geek Aegis then here is the blog that will bring forth the pros and cons of this vape unit. Let us quickly dive in…

The Aesthetics

The device is beautifully styled with the help of a cut rubber frame that supports a nice smooth touch to your palm and fingers. The draw mouth is untroubled. Color and designs are high-end. It has a lock button that can be operated with just two clicks. There is a usb port at the bottom of the Aegis Nano which keeps it going after the battery recharge. The design is distinguished for its camouflage look which adds to the design and splendor.

The Size

The Vape system is so cute that it fits the palm. It will fit your palm just like a slick little boy. You will get the GeekVape Aegis Nano Pod along with the system which has a magnet click connection for an easy fix on the Aegis Nano. These come in a pack of two with two different options,i.e. 0.6Ω and 1.2Ω. The e-liquid capacity is 2ml that can be made deliciously flavored by adding your favorite vape juice. 

The Drip Tip

The draws of Aegis nano are smooth-running and efficient due to the spectacularly formulated draw mouth. Restrictions in your vape clouds are impossible if you vape with this draw mouth.


Just at the side of your drip tip, an adjustable button to set the airflow is present. If you want to vape Mouth to Lung with light or open airflow then open the button completely and according to the tightness of the draw that you prefer, slide it towards the closing. But remember that this device is not meant for the restricted direct lung vaping.

The Drawbacks 

  • This device has no auto switch feature despite being styled on the grounds of a modern portable vape unit. 
  • Another part that could have been improved on is that the vaper has to undergo a two-way process to fill up the pod system with the e-juice. But it can not be an issue for many.

The Flavors

There is freedom of selecting the nicotine strength and taste with this vape device. So, whatever taste you enjoy the most

The Safety

These units are designed as leakage-proof and have a safe battery system. But do check the reliability of the unit by confirming the Genuity of the device. For this, research well. These are monitored by the FDA so you can check the label and crosscheck the list accordingly.

The Verdict:

All in all, this device is a thumbs up. The only flaw that you can find is that it doesn't support the restricted direct lung nicotine hits and changing the GeekVape Aegis Nano Pods now and then can be a costly business for the vape enthusiasts. This device is all about love for Nano. So, get carried away with the Aegis Nano and feel the vaping adventure pro-style. 

 WARNING: Nicotine is addictive. Do not vape if you are a minor or a pregnant lady. People with respiratory disease should also vape cautiously.

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