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Orion Bar

One of Lost Vape's few disposable vaporizers is the Lost Vape Orion Bar link . This brand is more well-known and regarded for its box mods, pod mods, and pod kit products. And understandably so; if you're serious about vaping, they provide some very great equipment.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Comes with a 7500 puff capacity, this one has the same square and squat design as rivals like the EB BC5000. It has a strikingly colorful design and comes in around 50 vape flavors. I thought there was more to this obviously distinctive-looking gadget than first greeted the eye after seeing that they only come in a 50mg/ml strength and had a fairly normal 18ml of vape juice and 650mAh battery.

Orion Bar Vape Build Quality

Its design is arguably its most distinctive characteristic. All of the internal parts, including the e-liquid tank, coil, battery, and electronics, are housed in a transparent plastic housing. Behind an inner skin with a "funky" pattern and a black background, all of this is concealed.

Although the style might not appeal to everyone, the overall effect is very distinctive. I get the impression that it's a tribute to early vape culture combined with tattoo art. Each vape has a distinctive design that varies in color and hints at the flavor it represents: blue for Blue Mint, orange for Mango Ice, etc. A complimentary foundation in the same color completes the look.

Amazing Features 

The feature list is not extensive because this is a throwaway vape, but one that should last a few weeks for the typical vaper. 

The vape has a 650mAh rechargeable battery inside, which is standard for devices of this kind. This charges through USB-C, as was already indicated, albeit it didn't appear to fully utilize the quick charging this port can provide. On average, it took 60 minutes to fully recharge a battery that had been entirely discharged, not merely because of the low battery indicator. 

Only a tiny LED light on the bottom of the gadget serves as a display or light source, alerting you when the device is firing and when the battery is running low. 

I'm all with the trend of sliding ventilation holes being added to more and more disposables. You have considerably more control over it's draw thanks to this, and you can change it from a pretty tight MTL draw to a looser draw that is better for RDL vaping. It is far more effective than a single (or several) small holes that you must cover with your finger. 

There is no button to press because the vape is draw-activated. To ignite the vape, simply inhale via the drip tip. As far as I can tell, the coil that is used to vaporize the 18ml of e-liquid is a fairly typical mesh coil, perhaps with a resistance of 1 or 1.2 ohms to accommodate the various vaping methods. 


  • How to vape with Orion Bar?

To start vaping, all that is necessary to do is inhale through the mouthpiece to turn on the heating element. There are no controls to interact with or settings to change. Through the mouthpiece, inhale slowly and steadily, as if you were taking a long, deep breath. You may then breathe in the vapor since this will turn on the gadget. It's crucial to avoid taking quick, strong puffs since this might cause overheating or flavor loss.

  • What type of Orion Bar flavors does it have?

The Orion Bar Flavor link selection is about what you could expect from a contemporary disposable vaporizer; but, it leans a little too much towards the sweet fruit and candy market for me to find it to be genuinely pleasant. But that's more likely to be a matter of personal preference than a problem with the flavors that are now available as my preferred flavor profiles lean more towards aniseed and menthol than flavors like pineapple lemonade.

In Summary

Although Lost Vape is a well-known and renowned vape brand, there may be a valid reason why people aren't familiar with it for disposables. I enjoyed a number of aspects of the Lost Vape Orion Bar link , including the stylish appearance and the movable ventilation hole. Sadly, there are a few things that I also found annoying.

Although the product's name and packaging guarantee up to 7500 puffs, I find it difficult to imagine how the ordinary vaper could reach that mark. Maybe if you take a few little puffs, but not if you draw deeply or with the airflow aperture wide open.

Additionally, the battery appears to be quite inconsistent and inadequate. If you want a vape that you can take with you all day without worrying that it may die on you before you reach to a charger, it's worth taking into consideration. It's possible that I simply got a few defective products.

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