Know the taste of 100ml Custard Monster Vanilla by Jam Monster

Know the taste of 100ml Custard Monster Vanilla by Jam Monster

From the monster vape labs brand that has been famous for brothers in the smoke village. Custard Monster Vanilla will fill your taste receptors of creamy vanilla cream with sweet and luxurious aftertaste. Custard and sweet strawberries together create a delightful fragrance you’ll love. This flavor will decorate your taste with Ric cream and delight your taste buds with ripe strawberries, creating an excellent aroma that will awaken your senses. 

 It is indeed a tasty treat to take your day from average to amazing, no matter what life throws at you. As soon as you hit the drag, custard hits you straight away, very strong and overpowering. On the inhale, it throws a taste of mild custard with a perfect blend of vanilla. On the exhale, custard picks up the flavour with the vanilla floating in the background.

The combination of custard and vanilla made it a popular product with a kick of cream. In short, it's smooth, perfectly balanced and exactly what it says it is. 

 The Custard Monster Vanilla will blow your mind with creamy goodness. If you have already sampled this then you know but if you haven’t - give a try right now. The moment you’ll pop the cap, you’ll see your tastebuds jumping and the vanilla custard would be right on the point.

Even if you are not a fan of custard Flavours, you will definitely become one after giving this creamy beauty a try. The VG/PG ratio is so perfect for higher wattage vapes and people who want larger production of vapor. 

Why Jam Monster Is Popular Among Vapers?

 Made in America and packing in all of the paunchiness and confident branding that you would expect from anything hailing from across the pond, Jam Monster e-liquid is an up and coming company that is proving popular with UK vapers.

Jam Monster e-juice also features Flavours including Fruit Monster, Ice Monster and Custard Monster Vanilla, so you can take your pick of whichever variety sounds most appealing.

This e-liquid specializes in delivering gourmet classic breakfast e juice flavors made with homemade jam, spread onto a warm piece of buttered toast! They have truly created the perfect balance of fruit jam paired with a savory buttered toast.

While other juice companies and manufacturers offer jam flavors, none of them nail the layers of flavor as flawlessly as Jam Monster. Their line tastes incredibly authentic, thanks to a careful blend of flavoring ingredients that are incredibly high in quality.

By paying very close attention to detail, their team gets the delicate balance of flavors just right, so that each inhale makes you feel as though you’ve just taken a big bite out of a piece of toast drenched in melted butter and covered in deliciously sweet jam.

Every bottle is available in 100ml and comes in different fruit and even now menthol combinations.

Get Ready To Taste The Richness Of Custard

 The Custard Monster Vanilla will definitely help you quit smoking and make a switch from tobacco by providing this perfect possible alternative. With 3 versions of nicotine strength to choose from - 0mg, 3mg and 6mg, this custard vanilla will twist your taste buds in all directions.

Each drag will give you a fresh dose of vanilla with an exciting flavor of custard. The layers of this e-liquid are well-balanced and each drag comes through perfectly. 

 Excited enough to buy this right now? Always buy from a genuine buyer who has been in the vape industry for years to save your hard-earned money. Let us know your experience. Till then, happy vaping!

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