Killer Fruits By Vapetasia Review: Lipsmacking & Affordable Flavors

When purchasing e-juice at a low price, you may generally expect merely labeled bottles with minimum packaging flare; however, this is not the case with Killer Fruits from Vapetasia.
Killer Fruits By Vapetasia Review

Today we have a review of a few e-juices from Killer Fruits By Vapetasia link , and we are really eager to share our impressions. With one of the best ejuice options and exceptionally affordable costs, Vapetasia is an appealing alternative for vapers trying to save money without losing taste. They always tend to have amazing offers on several bottles, and the current sale is two 100ml bottles for $27.00, with no code required!

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

We've got four of Vapetasia Vapor's most popular flavors on deck, and we'll look over the packaging, flavor, and quality. Keep in mind that taste is subjective, and you may disagree with our assessment, but we believe there is something here for everyone.

Killer Fruits By Vapetasia Bottle & Packaging

When purchasing ejuice at a low price, you may generally expect merely labeled bottles with minimum packaging flare; however, this is not the case with Killer Fruits from Vapetasia. Their ejuices arrived in solid, colorful packaging with suitable branding throughout. We also received a few stickers. The bottles and labeling, however, were the most surprising. The ejuices arrived in regular, fat 100ml bottles. The branding on these appears pricey and high-quality, so you would never believe that these ejuices were not premium priced. I am a huge pro here.

Blue Razz By Killer Fruits Vapetasia

This Blue Razz combines sweet and tangy blue raspberry candy with a mouthwatering and delightful blue slushy. This flavor's tartness is exceptionally nice since it provides just the proper amount of sourness to tingle your mouth while also offering a sweet raspberry candy taste.

On the inhale, a sour but sweet blue raspberry candy flavor dominates, with slight notes of a blue slushie drink. The flavor on the inhale is exactly the proper amount of sweetness and isn't overpowering. On the exhale, the blue slushie becomes much more noticeable, and you receive a burst of sugary pleasure that tickles the taste.

Killer Fruits By Vapetasia Pango

Oh gosh, this juice is delicious. You will fall in love from the moment you sniff the bottle. The nicest thing is that the flavor matches the tempting smell so well that I almost wanted to drink it (don't do that). This is a combination of watermelon, mango, and a small amount of pineapple. My mouth watered simply reading the flavor description, and my taste receptors nearly erupted when I vaped it.

This e-juice tastes like a fruit mix rather than a single flavor. The mango and pineapple scents are immediately noticeable on the inhale. The watermelon complements other flavors well and blends seamlessly. 

The exhalation delivers all three flavors one after the other. It's difficult to pinpoint whatever fruit you're tasting, so you want to keep vaping it until you find it out. This vape juice is quite good. You may want to grab two.

This flavor was the team's consensus favorite, and we were all vying for the last of the bottles since it is so delicious! 

Iced Grape By Vapetasia’s Killer Fruit

Grape lovers, rejoice! Iced Grape is precisely what you expect. This ejuice is remarkably faithful to its description, tasting just like a glass of grape juice with ice. I thought it to be somewhat acidic and delightfully sweet, as you would expect from this flavor.

This provides a constant flavor throughout each puff. The sweet and almost ripe fruits are present, laced with deep and powerful ice notes. Every puff has the same exquisite taste, which is good. I can vape this taste all day and never get bored of it. If you enjoy grape-flavored ejuices, this might become your new go-to.

Trapple By Killer Fruits By Vapetasia

This flavor is best described as rich and thick. Trapple (love the name) offers an authentic strawberry vanilla milkshake flavor that transports you to a 1960s-era ice cream restaurant. Ripe luscious strawberries are the highlight of this ejuice, with creamy and fresh vanilla ice cream undertones rounding it off.

On the inhale, you're hit with a well-executed strawberries and cream flavor. It tastes like perfectly ripe strawberries, almost like candy. On the exhale, the taste of creamy vanilla ice cream provides the lovely milkshake flavor I was searching for. This flavor is by far the richest and most flavorful of the juices on this list. 

Shop These Authentic Flavors Now 

Killer Fruits From Vapetasia link tastes are undeniably fantastic. You won't find a higher quality or better taste juice for the price. Even their packaging outperforms most e-liquid brands on the market, whether "premium" or not.

Adding to an already great basis, the diversity of tastes available is remarkable. They have fruit, cream, salts, menthols, and so many more flavors that it's difficult to choose just one. They only utilize high-quality components in their juices, which is obvious when you fill a tank or drip some juice.

These three tastes have the ideal viscosity and flow effortlessly into your tank thanks to their 70/30 VG/PG ratio. They're also ideal for producing lovely clouds while preserving enough PG to provide a satisfying throat punch and flavor.

Their descriptions match the real flavor you get, which is reason enough to test them out. If you find a flavor you think you'll enjoy, you probably will. They have hundreds of different flavors that we didn't get to in our review, so I recommend taking a look. Why not take advantage of an offer like this?

Getting a crazy excellent deal couldn't be simpler. Simply select your four bottles and proceed to the Vapor Boss checkout. There is no need to input a discount code. Once you've reached the checkout and shipping page, your order will be immediately adjusted to reflect the discount. Don't forget that buying additional bottles will offer you an even greater deal. 

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