Kick Back On A Lazy Sunday Afternoon With Air Bar Max Disposable

Air Bar Max Disposable Vape claims to be "lightweight" and comes with an atomizer already installed on the juice cartridge for your convenience.
Kick Back On A Lazy Sunday Afternoon With Air Bar Max Disposable

This perfect vape is the best. One puff and you’ll never want to go back to cigarettes again. You can even use it for your breath between meals, putting out bad odors and keeping your mouth feeling fresh.


The product is a disposable smokeless vaping pen that comes in both tobacco and menthol flavors, which are available at various brick-and-mortar retailers. Air Bar Max Disposable Vape claims to be "lightweight" and comes with an atomizer already installed on the juice cartridge for your convenience.

The cartridge is prefilled with a nicotine based liquid that allows the user to inhale nicotine vapor. The juice contains flavoring, various chemicals and other additives such as propylene glycol (which is used to give the air bar its smoke-like consistency), nicotine (the addictive drug found in cigarettes) and other undisclosed ingredients. The company claims that Air Bar Max is a safe alternative to cigarettes and will reduce second hand smoke by 95%. The product is available in various flavors such as vanilla, cherry and menthol. safer option of doing so.

Super Stunning Flavour Of Red Mojito - Air Bar Max

Enjoy a trip to the tropics with this well-rounded blend of refreshing rum, tangy lime juice and just a hint of sugar. If you're looking for something sweet to match your cravings this will hit the spot - as long as you're 18+. Cayenne pepper adds just enough zest without being overpowering so it goes down easy, making it perfect for an after work vape break. Not only does the Red Mojito vape taste like an iced cocktail that's not on fire, but this sweet and unassuming lime-flavoured elixir is also good for your breath.

Mojitos are always cool and refreshing, but now you can enjoy that feeling 24/7! Your vape experience has never been this good. Layers of mint eucalyptus, grapefruit, lime with a dash of sugar cane for some added sweetness - it's time to indulge your taste buds over the summer months. Soak up life one delicious "drink" at a time with Red Mojito flavour by Air Bar Max Disposable. 

Why Should You Buy a Red Mojito Air Bar Max Vape?

Air bar max disposable vapes offer a refreshing and flavorful vaping experience. With the variety of flavours they offer, you're sure to find one that's perfect for your taste buds or just in general! They come in single-use packs so there is no need to constantly buy new products and there might be one package waiting for you under your seat right now! The Air Bar Max disposable vape is the perfect product for people looking to quit smoking cigarettes. Our flavors are fruity and invigorating, with watermelon being their favorite! Stop for a moment to give your throat some relief with this tasty new way of taking in nicotine.

Cool off this summer with a brain-freezing, sweet and sour treat you won't forget. Nobody deserves a good time more than you, so we squashed this summer swelter with our newest vape: the Red Mojito. It's so iced and refreshing, it'll smash all those gross feelings of heat-induced fatigue right out of you. From now on, your mouth will be as nicely minty as your mojito is sweet - but not before getting just a little bit berry fruity for some extra tang.

This exotic blend of cool mint and light citrus is perfect for when you want to chill out with friends or go full-on salsa dancing in your living room. Remember to sip responsibly so that this doesn't become too heavy on your system. 

Thirsty? Sophisticated? Tasty? Give it a shot! 

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