Is Your Vape Giving Gurgling Sound? Maybe It Needs A Coil Replacement

Is Your Vape Giving Gurgling Sound? Maybe It Needs A Coil Replacement

New to vaping tanks? Do you fail to understand the sudden bubbling sound from your atomizer? Well, it is time to fuel your vape tank with a new coil. Whatever tank you are vaping through, this situation is obvious to arrive. And there is a lot to know to make your coil replacement right in place.


There are a plethora of instant replacement coils innovated by the vaping industry like the UWell Valyrian Coils, SMOK Nord Coils etcetera. Not only this you can also create your own coil by using the appropriate knowledge and raw materials if you are minutely fussy about the nature of draw that you personally love to vape on.

So, here is some information on Replacement coils for your vape that can help you understand the basics of selecting and installing a new coil in your vaping system.

What is a vape coil?

Your vaping mechanism is incomplete without a coil. It is due to the presence of the vape coil in your vaping mechanism that your liquidized form of nicotine blended puffs turns into vapors. Different vape coils have different resistances that decide the flow of your vapors and the resistance varies with the material of the coil and the way it has been coiled- traditionally without giving any turns or like a mesh. Therefore, the heat-bearing capacity of the coil makes it one of the chief tools of your vape unit. 

Is it Safe to Clean Vape Coils?

It is recommended that maintaining the hygiene of your vape is very important and therefore the coils must be given timely cleaning as well. This also gives more longevity to them. 

Are UWell Valyrian Coils better than handmade coils?

UWell Valyrian Coils are compatible only with the UWell Valyrian Sub Ohm Tank that is available with the 0.15 Ω resistance and can handle the wattage of up to 95 to 120 Wattage. These are explicitly designed by the company for its vape tanks only and therefore for those who vape with the UWell tanks, these coils are ideal and better than others. In fact, the press-fit ergonomics used for installation leaves no room for a handmade coil to fit with these tanks. 

So, in coils, one coil is not better or best than others. It varies from tank to tank and the choice of vaper. 

Other Signals that Your Coil Needs to Be Changed

  • The most prominent one seen is the burnt-out taste.
  • Change in the intensity of your vapors’ flavor. It becomes weaker.
  • Less production of flavor.
  • The device is unusually leaking.

Replacing the Coils: The  Step-Wise Method

You begin by dismantling your vape by separating the tank from the vape’s bottom. Note that different vapes have different kinds of build-up so the beginners can use the manual to do this. In the case of Uwell Valyrian tanks, by removing the tank from the button, the coil can be removed. 

Empty the tank, remove the old coil and presoak the newer coils wicking material in some e-liquid. Once, it is completely saturated and primed, you can swap the new one and connect all the parts of the vape following the reverse steps which you did while dismantling the vape. Now refill your tank with your favorite vape juice and enjoy the smooth flavorful hits.

Hope you found this post helpful. Vape wisely as extensive involvement in vaping can be harmful to your health. Nicotine is strictly prohibited for underage minors and is hazardous if you become an addict to it. Enjoy your Vaping cautiously!

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