Is Air Bar Max On Your Cards? Here’s All You Need To Know…

Is Air Bar Max On Your Cards? Here’s All You Need To Know…

The beginning of vaping generally happens with disposables. Surpassing the popularity of traditional cigarettes, these are selling for the captivating flavors, light weightiness, no-light up botherations, and pleasing vapor flow. If you are new to vaping with disposables and have prepared a list of vapes to select from. You must check out Air Bar Max which is receiving tremendous appreciation for not one but multiple reasons that add convenience to vaping. Stay connected to unravel the vaping benefits of this device.

#1. The main feature of this vape mechanism is the king-sized puff shot that comes with 2000 plus puffs in each flavor. The 2000 cloud creations of Air Bar Max are so cool that you will reach an ultimate cloud 9 phase of ecstasy!

#2. You won't have to compromise on the nicotine level as well. A perfect 5% nicotine strength per the weight of the vape juice will give your throats an outstanding kick!

#3. Has a built-in activated firing mechanism that is powered by a robust battery of 1250 mAh. This gives you no worries about the re-fillings and re-chargings. Just ready to vape!

#4. The unit won't blow up or overheat. It has been safely installed with the necessary precautions.

#5. The total 6.5 ml of e-liquid has a fair blend of VG/PG that is 70:30. This adds more taste and smooth airflow to your inhales.

#6. The fast and furious performance takes not more than 0.002 seconds to reach out your throats.

#7. The flavor combination is so innovatively prepared that its deliciousness wouldn't want your tongues to halt

#8. The flavor combination is so innovatively prepared that its deliciousness wouldn't want your tongues to halt. The flavors of this vape are-  Sakura Grape (Cherry Blossom Grape), Watermelon Ice, Holly, Red Mojito (Cranberry Mint Lime), Shake Shake, Aloe Blackcurrant, ALPPS (Icy Mint), Berry Shake, Blueberry Blackcurrant, Blueberry Lemon Ice, Cranberry Grape, Guava Shake, Apple Shake, Kiwi Berry Ice, Melon Shake, Cool Mint, Banana Shake, Lemon Shake, Red Bull Ice, Pudding, Blueberry Raspberry, Peach Mango, Strawberry Mango.

Is Air Bar Max legal to Vape On?

Air Bar Max is justifiable in the eyes of law but there is an exhaustive list of conditions under which it passes that test. FDA regulates that under the guidelines of the WHO report. You can check that out at the official website of the World Health Organization(only if you are curious to explore). It is advisable to do a thorough research of the ingredients and try to check the authenticity of the device by searching the relevant web information. There are many possibilities that the device that landed in your hand is a hoax!

Can lactating women vape with Air Bar Max?

A lactating woman must strictly avoid vaping because nicotine is harmful to children’s brains. It stops its growth and can be hazardous in many ways. It is suggested to vape only after you are done with child breastfeeding.

No Chance of Saying No! Get Started With Air Bar Max!

There is no denying that to experience the ultimate vaping, one can get started with the Air Bar Max, a vape that sorts you for its automatic light-up, travel-light feature, and design that attracts the vaper for the looks and touch. Breaking everything is that it is available in tremendous tastes to enjoy the tight nicotine hits. A definite option to pick up for the vaping beat.

WARNING: Nicotine is addictive and harmful and we do not condone it in any way for minors.
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