Indulge Yourself In A Super Soft Blend Of Warm Custard & Vanilla

Indulge Yourself In A Super Soft Blend Of Warm Custard & Vanilla

Fancy a sweet treat this weekend? When the weekend is coming and we are getting into the mood, because all we want is the beach and vapear with essences. Custard Monster Vanilla is an ideal vape juice to spend a lazy afternoon with warm custard and vanilla blend.

With this in mind, the rich flavour of custard is the first thing that hits you upon the inhale creating a delicious bakery flavour. This delicious, decadent flavour is straight from the gods of vaping. 

Starting your mornings right with a delicious flavour will sort you out. This vape juice is beautifully crafted with layer by layer taste, with each ingredient tested. It comes in a 100ml quantity in a cut looking bottle that gives the desert vibes from the packaging itself. All thanks to one and only Jam Monster for creating this explosion of custard.

What is so good about Custard Monster Vanilla By Jam Monster? 

This flavour has been a standout amongst the most looked pastry enhanced ejuice in the whole vaping industry. Stuff your face with a warm newly prepared custard combined with creamy finish and vanilla. If your taste buds love heavenly puffy clouds, this is the vape juice you need right now. 

Custard Vanilla by Jam Monster has a creamy custard and gooey taste that is so rich in flavour and is sure to become your new favourite. No matter how many flavours you choose, this will always win. Honestly, the best custard in the game at the moment. 

How much does Jam Monster flavours cost?

All the flavours by Jam Monster are cost-effective. The exclusive Custard Monster Vanilla starts from just $11 but with a taste that is priceless. It has a thick vg/pg blend of 70/30 that hits the throat so perfectly. It comes with a life expectancy of 2 years and 3 quantities to choose from - 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. You may choose the quantity level, depending upon your nicotine cravings. 

Pure Bliss For Dessert Vape Lovers 

If you are looking for a delightful sweet line infused with the natural cream finish, it is high time to turn down that regular flavor and drip something a little different tonight. Vaping is great but only when you have an amazing e-liquid with smooth flavor and powerful throat hits.

It is the latest edition that offers a decadent dessert of creamy rich custard, bursting with vanilla and sweetness. This has an ability to hit all the right spots and will let you enjoy a pleasant vaping session. 

This premium nicotine salt formula is absorbed faster, lasts longer and produces a greater level of satisfaction than traditional e-liquids. This will definitely help you quit smoking and make a switch from tobacco by providing this perfect possible alternative. 

Get Your Hands On It Now

The combination of custard and vanilla made it a popular product with a kick of cream. In short, it's smooth, perfectly balanced and exactly what it says it is. The Custard Monster Vanilla will blow your mind with creamy goodness. If you have already sampled this then you know but if you haven’t - give a try right now. 

The moment you’ll pop the cap, you’ll see your tastebuds jumping and the vanilla custard would be right on the point. Even if you are not a fan of custard flavours, you will definitely become one after giving this creamy beauty a try. So get your bottle now and vape without any limits, this flavour is what you need!

So, which dessert flavour are your vaping currently? 

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