Hyppe Max Flow Disposables Review: Hit or Flop?

Although there are a number of options and disposable vapes available, I would be sorry to have to put the hype Max Flow away after reading this review because it is disposable. 
Hyppe Max Flow Disposables Review: Hit or Flop?

There are many vapers out there who search for disposable vaporizers with the most e-juice capacity and puff count available. However, what about those who vape less frequently or who choose not to vaporize the same flavor for more than 2000 puffs? If this describes you, the Hyppe Max Flow could be the perfect throwaway for you. 

With each gadget, approximately 600 puffs are anticipated. It features a 500mAh battery, but charging is not possible. It shouldn't be a deal breaker by any means because the battery should be more than large enough to reach all 600 puffs. 

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

The Hyppe Max Flow Vape link is incredibly cool. They have 600 puffs of e-juice and a nicotine salt strength of 5% (50 mg). A non-rechargeable 900mAh built-in battery powers every Hyppe.

Design & Build Quality

These disposables are shaped like thick tubes. They are extremely portable because of their thinness. Four or five of these can be carried about at once, and their presence will go largely unnoticed. If you enjoy sampling different cuisines while on the road, this is fantastic. The compact footprint is a huge bonus, even if you're the kind of vaper who only vaporizes one flavor at a time.

The size feels incredibly cozy in the hand. It works similarly to a vape pen, thus holding it correctly doesn't need clenching your hand. Whether you hold the Hyppe Max between your index and thumb or in your palm and vape, it feels natural to grip.

These disposables are usually made of plastic, however they are always covered in a soft material. I've always been drawn to vapes with soft-touch bodies because they feel so nice. It also improves grip, although these are so light that losing them doesn't hurt either. This covering does, however, become dirty quickly. Any dirt on your hands will transfer onto the coating.

Despite being composed of plastic, they don't feel cheap. Each one has a more upscale appearance due to the finish, particularly the satin finished ones. These have a rubber drip tip, which is a good feature. It even allows you to hold the drip tip comfortably with your teeth for hands-free vaping, which is much softer on my lips than plastic mouthpieces.

The rubber mouthpiece does have a drawback in that it gathers dust and lint. Every time I took it out of my pockets, I found myself cleaning it off incessantly to avoid getting little fluffs in my mouth.  Perhaps I should take better care of my pockets.


When you purchase a Hyppe Max Flow, what do you get? You get e-juice in one throwaway device 6 milliliters—for one. This is effective for up to 2000 puffs.

It appears that the Hyppe Max is only available in 5% (50 mg) nicotine dosage, based on what I can find. Those vapers who would rather have a disposable with less nicotine strength will have to go elsewhere. To vape the Hyppe Max vape, simply place your lips on the mouthpiece and take a pull. They offer a tight MTL draw that is difficult to pull, yet the draw activation always functions flawlessly.


While some tastes are shared by the Hyppe Max Flow link and other disposables from it, most of the flavors are exclusive to this device. As of the writing of this review, their website lists many flavors:

Strawberry Banana 

This has a strawberry-banana smoothie-like flavor. Although the flavors are blended together, the strawberry and banana flavors are more pronounced on the inhale and exhale, respectively. Once more, tastes quite natural and isn't at all candied. 

Watermelon Ice (Changed To LUSH FREEZE)

Like rich ice flavor, but under a different moniker. Although it's not overpowering, the ice is still discernible and there. The inhale of the watermelon flavor is excellent and tastes very natural, but the exhale has a subtle candy flavor. All in all, a really pleasant flavor.

Raspberry Watermelon

Although its flavor may be improved, it's still passable. Simply put, I think the flavors of raspberry and watermelon are too subtle and understated. Right away, I perceive a stinging raspberry flavor, but it fades rapidly, and the watermelon flavor is more of an aftertaste than a predominant flavor. This needs to be stronger if I'm going to like it more.

Mango Mochi

The taste of Tropical Mango is rich, flavorful, and ripe mango. It lingers in your mouth after you breath and is naturally sweet to a moderate degree. Out of all the flavors for the Hyppe Max Flow, this is my favorite, and I've been vaping it a lot. I'll keep using it even after reading this review because it's that excellent.

Mighty Menthol / Mighty Mint

This is my favorite option for a mint taste that doesn't include any nicotine. It's minty and not overpowering. Rather, you get a refreshing, sweet mint that you can vape all day. I believe that after vaping on it, the mint flavor is just right—not overbearing, but yet detectable. 


When it comes to its Hyppe Max Flow Disposables link , it has excelled. From the appearance to the taste to the duration of each one, they are the whole package. Even for heavy vapers, the 6ml of e-juice and long-lasting battery in each one may last for more than a week, and the flavors will have you going back for more.

Although there are a number of options and disposable vapes available, I would be sorry to have to put the hype Max Flow away after reading this review because it is disposable. The flavors—Kiwi berry in particular—taste fantastic without being overly sweet or syrupy, thanks to their skilled execution. 

There are just two drawbacks to these devices: the draw is fixed and cannot be adjusted to your liking because there is no airflow adjustment. Since the Hyppe Max Flow disposables cannot be recharged, any residual e-liquid cannot be removed from the device in the event of a power outage.

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