Hyppe Max Air: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Disposable

The Hyppe Max Air amazing flavors and long battery life leave us in awe. Not sure whether traditional vape liquids match contemporary disposables' powerful flavors.
Hyppe Max Air 5000

The Hyppe Max Air 5000 is a fantastic disposable vaporizer that delivers 5000 strong hits and delicious flavors. Its 13 ml e-juice capacity significantly improved over the previous best-selling Hyppe Max Flow, which only held 6 ml vape liquid. It could last the whole day on a 650 mAh battery.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

With its amazing design devoid of flat surfaces, the most recent Hyppe Max Air link 5000 offers a fresh perspective on disposables. Being one of the only disposable vaporizers with a lanyard, you may discreetly tuck it into your pocket or hurl it around your neck. Will the clouds be sweet and silky with its mesh coil plus? Will the MTL gadget be mighty? We'll reveal everything in the review that follows!

Hyppe Max Air Flavors

In terms of flavor, this disposable vape does not let you down. Each flavor has been meticulously created to provide the greatest vaping experience, and they all carry a serious punch. Pick from 10 mouthwatering flavors:

Caramel Ice Cream, Black Sakura, Mighty Mint, Sour Peach, Strawberry Freeze, Summer Fruit, Lush Freeze, Mango Freeze, and Naked Unflavored

Design & Quality


The design of this disposable is impressive. With its distinct mouthpiece, lanyard, and body form, it stands out from any other disposable on the market. We anticipate seeing more disposables in the future draw cues from the Max-Air 5000's innovative but straightforward design.

It seems like the body is made of two convex pieces of white plastic connected in the center with colored silicone. The silicone is colored to match the flavor, and the white body gives off a clean, contemporary vibe. It might sometimes be a shame that the tablet lacks a flat bottom for standing up. Alternatively, a lanyard is included with the Hyppe Max Air 5000 link to make wearing it around the neck or in a pocket simple. The Hyppe brand name is emblazoned on the vivid neon green lanyard. Although it's well-made and practical, those who don't like it may just take it away.

Numerous air holes are located along the device's front and rear. This machine's vapor production is further enhanced by its ingenious design. Blue LED light emits from the front air holes when inhaled. The device's front is imprinted with the name and flavor of the Hyppe Max Air 5000.


The durability of this disposable vape is truly impressive, as demonstrated by its ability to withstand drops from heights of five feet or more without sustaining significant damage. Throughout the assessment process, there were no noticeable scratches or separations of components, highlighting the robust construction and resilience of the device. Despite its intended tolerance for wear and tear, the durability of the vape does not compromise the overall vaping experience. 

Users can continue to enjoy the device without any hindrance, confident in its ability to maintain its structural integrity even in demanding conditions. Whether it's accidental drops or everyday usage, the durability of this disposable vape ensures reliable performance and longevity, providing vapers with peace of mind and uninterrupted enjoyment.

Does the Hyppe Max Air 5000 leak?

The Max Air 5000 has to be leakproof since it's meant to be worn around the neck, fit into a pocket, or rest flat on a desk. And in this regard, the gadget has performed well. It didn't leak in any way while it was being reviewed.


Because of its cutting-edge design, this disposable is a delight to work with whenever possible. The mouthpiece is the authentic winner of the battle, although the rounded sides are more pleasant to grasp in your hand. It is possible to have a vaping experience that does not need the use of one's hands since the silicone mouthpiece is held between the teeth in a pleasant way. The teeth may maintain a solid grip on the mouthpiece, preventing them from slipping.

Battery & Charging

A sizeable 650 mAh battery may be installed in the Hyppe Max Air 5000 because of its small design, which allows for its installation. It is possible to vape continuously for a whole day because of the battery's capacity to provide up to ten hours of continuous use. The battery performed well throughout the assessment, maintaining a charge without issues. If the battery becomes low, the light will fade, and the blue LED signal will flash once with each breath you take.

Its only additional function is the ability to charge its battery. On the right side of the smartphone, the silicone that covers the Type-C charging port is located. In less than half an hour, the device will be fully charged.

Vapor Performance

The amazing flavors and long battery life leave us in awe. Not sure whether traditional vape liquids match contemporary disposables' powerful flavors. However, Hyppe offers excellent e-juice that covers a range of flavor characteristics.

Strong mesh coils on the disposable provide a nice, warm, and powerful pull. The draw sensor permits shallow and deep puffs because of its great responsiveness. The blows are sharp but not painful. They strike the back of the throat. For the greatest vaping experience, the MTL draw is expertly constructed. The Max Air 5000 will be easy to use, even for novice vapers. Although there isn't an airflow control, this well-made vape still makes up for it.

This little MTL gadget produces a lot of cloud, particularly considering its thickness. Although it may not dream of cloud chasers, in all honesty, it's not that far off.


The Hyppe Max Air Vape link stands out from the hundreds of other disposables on the market because of its amazing design. It's comfortable to hold in your hand, and vaping is enjoyable with the silicone mouthpiece. The vaporizer is designed not to leak, so it doesn't need to be upright. Each flavor included 10 options, all of which were tasty and well-balanced.

The robust mesh coil produces robust clouds and powerful MTL strikes. Additionally, the 650 mAh battery is rather large for a discreet and little gadget, providing enough power for a whole day of vaping. Use the Type-C charging connector to recharge the vaporizer swiftly. Despite not having airflow control or sophisticated features, the vape is still a great experience.

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