Hyppe Max Air Reviews: The Perfect Device That Packs A Punch

The Hyppe Max Air 5000 delivers excellent taste. Every flavor packs a powerful punch and has been meticulously designed for the ultimate vaping experience.
Hyppe Max Air Reviews

This newest Hyppe Max Air 5000 link provides a completely new approach to disposables, with an outstanding design free of any flat surfaces. It's one of the few disposable vapes with a lanyard, allowing you to wrap it around your neck or put it discreetly into your pocket. Will its mesh coil provide smooth, delicious clouds? Will the MTL gadget have a great punch? We'll reveal the details in the review below!

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Hyppe Max Air Design

The Max-Air 5000's design is basic yet pioneering, and we expect more disposables to follow suit in the future. The body looks to be made of two white plastic convex parts connected in the middle with colored silicone. The white body has a fresh modern vibe, and the silicone is colored to match the taste. 

There is no flat bottom for standing the gadget up, which might be inconvenient at times. Instead, the Hyppe Max Air 5000 includes a lanyard for simple storage in a pocket or around the neck. The lanyard is bright neon green and has the Hyppe brand name. It is well-made and handy, yet it may be simply removed by people who dislike it.

There are several air holes on both the front and rear of the gadget. It's a brilliant design that increases the vapor output of this machine. When you inhale, blue LED light glows through the front air holes. The name and taste are imprinted on the front of the gadget.


The disposable is extremely durable, even when dropped from heights of five feet or higher. There was no component separation or significant scratching during the review period. The Hyppe Max Air link is designed to withstand a certain amount of wear without compromising the vaping experience.

Does Hyppe Max Air Flavors Leak?

The Hyppe Max Air 5000 delivers excellent taste. Every flavor packs a powerful punch and has been meticulously designed for the ultimate vaping experience. Because the Max Air 5000 is intended to be worn around the neck, slipped into your pocket, or laid flat on your desk, it must be leakproof. And the equipment has been delivered in this location. It did not leak at any point throughout the evaluation period.

The Hyppe Max Air 5000 disposable is incredibly easy to use due to its revolutionary design. The rounded sides fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, but the mouthpiece is the true winner. The silicone mouthpiece fits comfortably between the teeth when vaping, providing a hands-free experience. The teeth can securely grip the mouthpiece without any slippage.

Some of the famous Hyppe Max Air Flavors Are:

Mango Freeze: Mango tastes usually hit or miss, but this one is a huge success. The mango taste is just sweet enough without tasting fake, and it has an ice kick.

Sour Peach: A wonderful electric sour flavor comes initially, followed by a delightful fresh peach flavor that wonderfully balances the sourness.

Caramel Ice Cream: When you vape this flavor, your tongue will be filled with a luscious caramel ice cream flavor. The caramel flavor is strong and crisp, followed by creamy undertones. It would be an excellent pick for those vapers who enjoy dessert flavors.

Summer Fruit: A variety of tasty summer fruit tastes, including pineapple and mango. The tastes are well-balanced, so no one flavor is dominating.

Strawberry Sky: While the predominate strawberry flavor is comparable to strawberry ice, it is sweeter and fresher, resembling freshly picked strawberries blended with cream. 

Black Sakura: The Black Sakura is a Japanese tea with sweetness on the front and moderate bitter undertones on the rear. It has a unique yet delicious flavor.

Strawberry Freeze: This one is a sharp, frosty taste complemented with the sweet flavors of strawberries.

Lush Freeze: You can't help but like its powerful watermelon taste, which is skillfully blended with cool overtones. A fan favorite.

Battery & Charging

It has a huge 650 mAh battery despite its compact form factor. The battery can last up to 10 hours of continuous usage, allowing you to vape all day without interruption. The battery functioned admirably over the review time, with no problems keeping charge. As the battery is low, the blue LED indication blinks once as you inhale, and the light dims.

The Hyppe Max Air 5000's lone added feature is its rechargeable battery. The Type-C charging connector is located within the silicone on the right side of the smartphone. The gadget charges fast, in around 30 minutes.

Max Air Performance

This astounds with its battery life and exquisite taste. Traditional vape fluids appear to be lagging behind the strong tastes seen in current disposables. However, Hyppe has an excellent e-juice composition that covers a wide range of flavor profiles.

The disposable features a robust mesh coil that provides a comfortable, warm, and powerful draw. The draw sensor is quite sensitive, allowing for both shallow and deep puffs. The blows smash the back of the throat but are not overwhelming. The MTL draw is ideally engineered to provide the greatest vaping experience. Even new vapers will have a little issue taking up the Max Air 5000. There is no airflow control, but it isn't needed in this well-designed vape.


The fantastic design is what distinguishes the Hyppe Max Air Vape link from the hundreds of other disposables on the market. It fits nicely in your palm, and the silicone mouthpiece is a pleasure to vape with. The vaporizer does not need to be stood up straight because it is designed not to leak. Each taste was well-balanced and tasty, with 10 flavor options to pick from.

The robust mesh coil produces powerful MTL strikes and thick clouds. And the 650 mAh battery is tremendous for such a little and discreet gadget, providing a full day of vaping. The Type-C charging connector allows you to swiftly recharge your vaporizer. Although it lacks sophisticated features and airflow control, the vape provides an excellent experience.

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