Hyppe Max Air 5000 Review - Is It A Good Purchase?

Overall, this is a highly recommended disposable vape. It's tiny and aesthetically beautiful, with excellent performance. 
Hyppe Max Air 5000 Review

Hyppe Max Air shows no signs of slowing down in its release of disposable vapes. They've just published the newest addition, which features a new design and flavors.

Each Hyppe Max Air 5000 link disposable has a tiny housing that carries 13ml of ejuice and a 650mAh battery that recharges via Type-C. Each gadget should provide around 5000 puffs when used together. These disposables come in 50mg/ml nicotine concentration.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Is this a disposable worth purchasing? I'll go over the design, build quality, flavors, and performance, so you can determine whether it's the correct throwaway for you.

Hyppe Max Air 5000 Design 

It's a compact vape with an eye-catching design, both in terms of appearance and feel in the hand. The rectangular design, with rounded corners and sides, is quite comfortable to grasp. The size and thickness provide a comfortable grip, but they are still small enough to be fully concealed in my hand. The hues of the devices complement the colors, and they all look fantastic.

The shiny surface makes these slightly more slippery to handle than the original's matte finish, but I still need to drop them. The original design is excellent, and the glossy finish and two-tone contrast elevate the appearance significantly.

The name is emblazoned in bold letters on the front of each one, but there is no indication that it is the most recent edition. The flavor is also displayed in smaller text alongside the emblem.

 It's also designed comfortably, with a gentle slope that feels great on the lips.

 Finally, the device's bottom features a Type-C charging connector, an airflow intake hole, and an LED indicator.

Hyppe Max Air Reviews and Features

It features the same mesh coil and comes with 13ml of ejuice. It also features the same 650mAh battery, which recharges via Type-C charging. This is available in nicotine levels of 50mg/ml. Each gadget contains 13ml of ejuice and has a 650mAh rechargeable battery, which should provide you with around 5000 puffs. Each one lasts a few hundred puffs per charge, and you'll notice the draw weakening as it dies, indicating that you should look for a place to recharge soon.

These recharge fast, taking around 30 minutes, so downtime is minimal. However, because they lack pass-thru charging, you are unable to vape while they recharge.

These, like other disposables, are draw-activated and need you to inhale through the mouthpiece to vape. There is no adjustable wattage or airflow, so all you have to do is inhale via the mouthpiece and recharge when it runs out.

In terms of flavor, these disposable vapes provide an astounding amount of flavor. You'd assume that using a throwaway would mean sacrificing flavor, but these men prove otherwise. These are just as tasty as some pod vapes I've had, and that's not an exaggeration.

Hyppe Max Air Flavors

Hyppe Max Air Flavors link are fascinating and unique. Fruits make up a large chunk of the flavors offered by most throwaway brands. But there are also drink-themed flavors, and I believe Strawberry Freeze is particularly unique because it's not a flavor you see very often.

For this review, I'll look at five of these varieties. I'll describe how each of these flavors tastes to me and what I think about them. However, just because I appreciate a flavor does not guarantee that you will like it. Similarly, just because I dislike a flavor doesn't mean you won't like it. This is entirely my biased opinion.

Coconut Juicy

I'll start with the most interesting of the group. Coconut Juicy tastes just like coconuts. It has the bite that you expect from drinking fresh coconut juice in the tropics, as well as the sweet juicy sensation that I enjoy. This flavor, like the drink, isn't too sweet, but it does have subtle nuances and a wonderful, realistic aftertaste.

Blue Razz Ice

This flavor has a slight ice cream flavor to it, and I get the same "ice cream aftertaste" that I don't particularly enjoy. The blueberry flavor is also very mild and scarcely noticeable. If you like rich ice cream, you could enjoy this flavor, however, I don't taste the smoothie component at all.

Strawberry Freeze

You can't go wrong with Strawberry Freeze, and they did a wonderful job with their version here. It's not as sugary as other strawberry freeze flavors I've tried, which I enjoy about this one. The gentle combination of the two fruits is delightful and just sweet enough to enjoy. I can also vape this flavor all day, so five stars all around.

Mango Peach

There's a good amount of coolness here that hits you right away on the inhale. I taste both flavors equally, albeit the peach flavor lasts slightly longer than the other two fruit flavors. If you prefer tropical vapes, you'll enjoy this taste.

Grapefruit Raspberry

I vaped this flavor to the fullest! It's essentially a grapefruit raspberry with a natural flavor, and the combination is amazing. Natural raspberry and grapefruit scents assault you from the second you inhale and last until you exhale. This is by far my favorite of the five flavors that I tested, and I highly suggest it.


The Hyppe Max Air link is a new design with new taste combinations to enjoy. They remain the same superb disposables, with a tight mouth-to-lung pull, warm vapor, long battery life, and overall good performance. 

Regarding the tastes, I enjoyed four of the five that I sampled, and the other five that they offer sound equally appealing. I don't think these additional tastes are significantly better than the originals, but they do provide something new to try if you've previously tried all of Hyppe Max Air's original flavors.

Overall, this is a highly recommended disposable vape. It's tiny and aesthetically beautiful, with excellent performance. Each one will provide you with approximately 5000 puffs, allowing you to enjoy the device for an extended period.

Highly recommended.

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