How to Replace SMOK Nord Coils? : A Brief Guide

How to Replace SMOK Nord Coils? : A Brief Guide

Vaping is subsiding smoking for a good cause and the hardcore smokers generally opt for those vape devices where they can tailor their clouds. In the same line of thought, Smok Nord Coils have been innovatively designed for those vapers who enjoy vaping through Smok Nord tanks. But for those who are beginners or the ones who feel the need to once know this whole business of replacing the coils right, this blog is the right space to acquire the knowledge. So let's give you some easy and quick rules for coil replacement.

Knowing the exact time of Replacement

It is important to figure out when you actually should replace the coil and thus following are the indicators that mean it is now the right time for a newer coil-

  • When you see the bubbling sound
  • When the e-liquid tastes burnt-like
  • When the vapor pull is weak
  • When the flavor taste declines

The above mentioned are the main signals that account for a replacement of coils but sometimes even the leakage can be one of the reasons.

Knowing the SMOK Nord Coils

Also known by the atomizer head, the SMOK Nord Coils are available in 3 kinds - Regular, Mesh and Ceramic. Each pack holds 5 coils. The Coil Resistance of Mesh Coils are available as 0.6Ω and 0.8Ω which are suitable for sub-ohm vaping. The regular and mesh coils are made up of kanthal material. The regular and ceramic ones consist of 1.4Ω coil resistance. Compatible with just SMOK Nord units, these are constructed with the high-tech innovation to give the vaper thickly flavored and nicotine-loaded throat hits!

How do you select the best coils?

This becomes easy once you pen down your vaping requirements. What is the size of clouds you need, what kind of flow pleases you the most? Remember, the higher the resistance the less is the flow of your vapors which means the cloud size will be lesser in higher resistance coils. Also, the ceramic coils will never give you a burnt-out taste and have higher coil life than the other two but at times, you can get the ceramic taste which can be a drawback. Mesh Coils are good for DTL while regular ones are for MTL vaping. Regular and Mesh Coils can give more vapors as compared to the Ceramic ones. By keeping these pointers in your mind, you can match your vaping desires by selecting the right coil for your NORD tank.

Replacing the Coil!

This is quite easy stuff. Just dismantle the pod from the body. Clean up the vape juice using a tissue or handkerchief. By putting the pod upside-down, pull out the coil, if there is any. Now apply the e-juice over the wicking material (cotton), till the cotton windows from the outside appear wet. Now, install the new coil. Locate the hole at the pod's base and with the flat walls that are close to the hole, land the flat sides of the coil up and push in the coil.

Voila! You're set to fill your favorite flavor and enjoy the vape!

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