How to Prime and Install a Coil

How to Prime and Install a Coil

When using a fresh coil in your vape tank, have you ever had a burnt taste in your mouth from your vape tank? The presence of a burnt wick is usually always a symptom of a malfunctioning coil, which is one of the most terrible things that can happen to a vaper since it indicates that the coil has been destroyed.




When vaping, there are two things you can do to avoid getting a burnt taste. To begin, you must prime the Uwell Valyrian Coils and ensure that it is correctly installed. Vape coil replacement done correctly helps guarantee that you do not burn the wick on the first puff.


Which may be occurring if you are experiencing an unpleasant burnt flavor after using a new vape coil. Following that, you must take appropriate coil care as long as you want to use it.


Why Is It So Important to Prime a New Vape Coil?

 It's helpful to see why priming a vaporizer coil is essential by placing a cotton ball in a glass of water. When you test this, you will see that the cotton ball does not get soaked with water right away. In reality, the ball will float for a few seconds before eventually starting to descend.

This is due to the fact that air has been trapped between the individual fibers of the cotton ball throughout the manufacturing process. Consequently, you must wait for the water to replace the air before the ball starts to sink.


Conversely, you may just press the cotton ball down to soak it with water very immediately. When you prime a vape coil, you are essentially doing the same thing.

When you prime a coil, you are forcing the e-liquid to replace the air that has been trapped in the cotton wick of the coil. It is essential to prime the coil because it helps prevent vaping before the wick is fully wet, which is important since vaping with a dry wick causes coils to deteriorate.

Instructions on How to Prime a Vape Coil

Uwell valyrian coils priming is so simple that you will wonder why you haven't done it more often in the previous years. You can vape with a fresh coil and avoid burning the wick if you haven't primed it yet, but priming your vape coil correctly guarantees that burning the wick on your first puff is almost impossible.


All it takes is a few additional seconds of work, and the reward is a coil that lasts much longer — not to mention a significant amount of money saved.


The process of priming a vape coil is very easy. You just take the coil from its packaging and place a drop of vape juice into each of the wick holes on each side of the coil. If you look down through the middle of the coil, you can see the top of the wick in many coils as well.

If this is the case with the coil you're using, you should also send a little amount of e-liquid via the top of the coil. You should continue to add e-liquid to the wick until it is completely moist. If it is still dry after that, you should replace it.

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