How Is Vaping With Air Bar Lux a Sagacious Choice?

How Is Vaping With Air Bar Lux a Sagacious Choice?

 Air Bar Lux 

Who doesn't want a little luxury in life? Of course, everyone does! The Vapers too look for something splashy yet satisfying in their vape moments. The disposable pod mods have come up as the guardian angels of the opulence that was long fancied by the vaping clan. Now, with these throwaway vape devices, one can vape care-free and have the best nic-hit comfort. Among such vape luxuries, Air Bar Lux has lately become the vapers' choice and in this article, we will give you an inside peep into why and how this device can be the right choice to vape with. Keep Scrolling…

  It has the mouth-watering nicotine flavor blends

  •   Black Currant - Hit your nicotine draws with a subtle blend of earthy, tarty sensations with this flavor.
  • Banana Ice- Frozen Bananas, a tasteful feeling for those who love the creaminess of this fruit. The icy vibes make it all the more yum taste to puff with.
  • Shake Shake- Need something velvety and creamy to elevate the nicotine shots? Here's your go-to delectability.
  •   Grape Ice- Icy nicotine draws with this flavor would want your throat to Grape it up even more!
  •   Mixed Berries- Get the blast of juices from the most luscious blend of berries and give the juiced-filled kick to your palates and throats!
  • Watermelon Ice- Menthol-like cooling effect that too with the best summerish fruit delectability is going to be the best chillax vape moment for fruit lovers who enjoy only when they are chilled! Chillax with such vape draws!
  • Triple Shake- Swing your taste buds in joy and ecstasy. This flavor enwraps not one or two but a total of three flavors with a velvety milky vibe. Shake lovers will love it!
  •   Banana Shake- If banana and milk have been your weakness then grab this one and relish the vapors now!
  •   Blueberry Ice-Want to keep the sweetness light and sober? Well, then this nicotine taste blend is for you. And the best part is the hints of coolness behind this taste!
  • Blueberry Pomegranate Ice- Sweet, sour, musty, fruity…. Collect the vastness of tastes that too with menthol undertones!
  •   Blueberry Raspberry- The juicy nicotine vapors with these two berries is Very Berry Licious...
  • Coconut Grove- Groove your puffs to the tropical woody, vanilla feels. This flavor is creamy, sweet, and smooth.
  • Cranberry Lemonade Ice- Take your taste buds to the succulent soda feels that comes wrapped in the perfect sweet and sour combination. Throat hits with this flavor are crazy!
  • Strawberry Mango- The sweet and tardiness of these fruits is a timeless tasty possession. Hits with this taste are fun!
  •   Sunset Cocktail- Go on a cocktail vacay with yourself! This flavor hit will appetize not just your palates but also your need to socialize with yourself. As the name suggests, this flavor is a true picture of the vaping sensation and vapers love it the most!

 The design and puff delivery

  •  The Air Bar Lux can deliver at least 1000 Puff sizes with its 2.7ml e-juice. Neither less, nor more, it is just the balanced number!
  • It's sleek and has a glowing light that glimmers with each draw!
  • Has 500mAh of built-in battery that is guarded against mishappenings!
  • Nicotine strength is 5%
  • This pod mod has a light design that makes the possibility of carrying it anywhere, anytime!
  • The mouthpiece is super comfy!

 The Takeaway

All of the above features of Air Bar Lux indicate how beautifully this vaping device is designed. Make your vape puff luxurious, hassle-free, and loaded with an abundance of flavors with this pod mod, and share the vaping trip with us right away!

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