High Smoke & High Vibes With Must-Vape Flavours - Titan 3500

High Smoke & High Vibes With Must-Vape Flavours - Titan 3500

Recently a new vape company has hit the market with a bunch of disposable vapes. Today we will be reviewing this brand new product from Titan Vape. They have been advertising their disposable vape as "the #1 rated THC smoke available in the world" which is an extravagant claim that needs to be backed up, right? There are many different reasons why you might find yourself seeking out a disposable vaporizer from time to time, whether it's for discretion, portability, or lack of commitment. 


The Titan 3500 disposable vape is the latest product to hit the market. Released in early 2017, this pre-filled cartridge has been made with 5% nic salt, which makes it incredibly potent. The intention of this new line of vapes is to provide vapers with a better experience than most pre-filled cartridges available right now. When you're shopping for your favorite vape essentials, keep an eye out for these bad boys because they are sure to be creating some buzz soon!

Before anything else though, let's give you all the pertinent information about what this pre-filled vape pen contains and where you can purchase it today.

Titan 3500 Disposable Vape Features

The Titan 3500 disposable vape is an ultra modern vaporizer. The company have created this product with the intention of providing a simple, effective vaping experience that can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. And we think they've succeeded because it's incredibly easy to use.

This device uses pre-filled atomizers that also function as the mouthpiece. Simply place between your lips and inhale until you hear the click indicator to know when it's activated. Once activated it will produce thick clouds of vapour for 8 hours or more depending on usage! This means less time spent loading/changing coils and refilling e juice compared to other devices like it on the market. It also means no mess because the atomizer-mouthpiece is integrated into the whole disposable unit!

It doesn't get better than this when it comes to convenience. Titan 3500 will definitely blow you away with how easy it is to use. In particular the draw activated firing mechanism worked without fault whether I had my hands full or if they were just busy holding onto something else! No fiddling around trying to hold down a button while inhaling, no misfires from accidentally hitting a button during use.

Ultimate Titan 3500 Flavours

Enjoy vaping today with high quality flavours from Titan! This brand produces a range of e-liquid that is sure to please. Whether you are looking for fruit, dessert or minty flavours - you can find it all at Titan 3500. These disposable vape flavours are perfect if you're looking for something different but don't have the commitment of ordering in bulk. The bottle itself contains 9ml of flavoured e-juice while being equipped with a standard thread so it's compatible with most batteries and mods on the market.

These bottles are ready to vape upon arrival so no need to steep your juice unlike other brands. Available in 11 fresh and fruity flavours, Titan 3500 is surely going to male your taste buds tantalised. Journey into the world of 12 exotic flavours that will have your taste buds begging for more. Including fruity, minty, and delightful chocolate-filled dessert flavors. Exotic accents are transported through our unique line of 100% natural teas to bring you a refreshing, stimulating experience. 

 This disposable vape is so simple, anyone can use it. From the flavours to the design, everything about this vape pen makes for a fresh start. You’ll love it! So now you can enjoy these 11 mouthwatering flavours with the convenience of one device.

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