Health Facts to Know About Vaping

Health Facts to Know About Vaping

Are you thinking of quitting smoking?

You are not the only one, but around 7 out of 10 smokers want to quit their habit. Quitting smoking is one of the healthiest steps that you can take to keep yourself healthy. Smoking is one of the most dangerous activities that harms almost every organ of your body, including the heart; if we look at the statistics, around one-third of the deaths from heart disease result from smoking.

You can opt for electronic cigarettes like Air Bar Lux and Vaping devices. This can help you transition in your life from traditional smoking to no smoking. But here are a few things that you should know about vaping and its harmful effects.

What is Vaping?

Inhaling a vapor produced by an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or other vaping device is vaping.

Smoking devices that are powered by batteries and that use cartridges holding liquids such as nicotine, flavouring, and chemicals are known as electronic cigarettes. In it, the liquid gets heated up, and the person inhales that liquid.

Five facts to know about Vaping

  1. When we compare vaping and smoking, vaping is less dangerous than smoking, but the duo is not safe for a person. The chemical content in vaping is not known, though they are fewer than the chemicals present in the traditional cigarette.
  2. Air Bar lux or other vaping devices contain nicotine, which is dangerous for the lungs and heart. The researchers suggest that nicotine can increase blood pressure and adrenaline secretion, leading to a heart attack.
  3. The content of nicotine is present both in e-cigarettes and traditional ones. This toxic substance makes the person addicted. So, e-cigarettes are equally addictive as traditional cigarettes.
  4. If you think that e-cigarettes are a cessation tool, then you are wrong. E-cigarettes cannot stop your smoking habits.
  5. Vaping devices are more common among youngsters because they think it is less dangerous than traditional smoking.

What Are Vaping's Health Consequences?

We don't know how vaping impacts the body over time because it hasn't been around long enough. On the other hand, health specialists are reporting major lung damage in vapers and several deaths.

Nicotine is absorbed into the body through vaping. Nicotine is very addictive and has the following effects:

  • slows brain development in children and teenagers,
  • affecting memory,
  • focus,
  • learning,
  • self-control,
  • attention, and mood,
  • increases the likelihood of adult addiction.

Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco can irritate the lungs, resulting in serious lung damage and even death.

Even if a person does not have vape daily, they can become hooked. The rate at which someone becomes hooked varies. Even if they don't vape every day, some people become addicted.


There is a clear association between smoking and heart disease, and cancer. However, the sooner you stop, the faster your body will be able to recover and mend. Consult your doctor to choose the best smoking cessation program or tools for you.

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