Grape Apple by Cloud Nurdz Ejuice; A Review

I was thrilled to see that Nerds, the double-flavored crispy candy, now had an e-liquid version because I always enjoyed them as a kid. 
Grape Apple by Cloud Nurdz Ejuice; A Review


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With this spin-off e-liquid version of your beloved childhood treat, take a journey down memory lane! With each sip, Cloud Nurdz's Grape Apple eJuice promises to deliver luscious clouds of juicy grapes and crisp green apples. I've only had its collection's Grape Apple e-juice, so I'm interested to see how the clouds compare in flavor to the crunchy green and purple candies. There's just one way to learn! See whether you would want to try this interesting vape juice by watching the unpacking of it!

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.


I was thrilled to see that Nerds, the double-flavored crispy candy, now had an e-liquid version because I always enjoyed them as a kid. Over the next few reviews, I'll be evaluating the three Cloud Nurdz Flavors link  that I stocked up on. The one I'm trying today is their grape apple variety, so green and purple would be the colors of the candy. It realized this, which is why the colors of their packaging match the candy itself.

There is a huge thin-cardboard box that holds the 100mL bottle. This was a little misleading because the box resembles those that can accommodate two 60mL bottles (for a total capacity of 120mL). The corporate name was written in a big, graffiti-style typeface and the information on the bottle was the same as the information on the bottle. To highlight the flavor of the e-liquid, the term Grape Apple is imprinted twice on the label in reflecting green and purple writing, respectively. On the left side of the label, there are two prominent stamps denoting the 3 milligram nicotine content. The fact that this product includes nicotine, a substance that is highly addictive, is stated in a warning banner at the bottom of the label.

There were many cautions on the label's reverse, including one against acetaldehyde exposure. A second warning that nicotine may be dangerous if it comes into touch with your skin or is possibly consumed was put just beneath the first one. I've seen this warning before and have even created an article that you may read to find out what happens if you ingest or get e-juice on your skin by mistake. 

The ingredients list, which is where I learned that it employs food-grade flavorings, was located directly below that warning. When I eventually reached the taste test, I mentally noted this and continued. I did notice the manufacturer information, age and sales limitations, and the VG/PG ratio, which was plainly marked as 65/35. I was wondering whether there will be any differences in flavor as this rating is a little different from the standard 70/30 VG/PG ratio.

The e-liquid batch number and expiration date were prominently imprinted on the bottom, but neither the bottle label nor the box had any links to the company's website. There was no pricing displayed on the website, which I found out for myself after doing some research. They only sell wholesale. All of the flavors are available for only $14.99. One thing I saw on the label was that the manufacturer, Five Star Juice, was also responsible for some other e-liquid firms including another brand we offer on our website, Barista Brew. After going over the unpacking in great detail, let's look at the fillup!


This eJuice is packaged in a transparent, fat 100mL container. Although the label almost completely encircles the bottle, there is a little gap between the label's borders where you can see how much vape juice is left. The bottle was closed with an easily unscrewable childproof lid. There were no problems with spilling, leaking, or making my fillup messy using the small and slender fill-tip.

The e-liquid had an iced tea-like color, with a reddish yellow tint. There was a nice balance between the consistency and sludginess. The e-juice was thick enough to allay my worries that it might clog my coil, even though it sloshed around and moved readily when I tilted the container.

To obtain a greater sense of the e-liquid's aroma, I held the bottle up to my nose and gently squeezed. The aroma hit me right away; it was sweet and rich like a grape lollipop. It smelled good, and I wanted a long glass of Welch's grape juice! I filled my tank right away as I couldn't wait to sample this vape juice. I'm ready for my first taste, so let's get started with the Taste Test!


Now, I am fully aware of how hard it is to recreate in a vape juice the flavor and nostalgic appeal of the real candy. Since I adore the candy and thought the e-liquid would be spot on, I approached the taste test cautiously. The first taste was a crisp, tangy, and sweet apple flavor. Strong, pure grape flavor was delightfully present on the exhale, and the combination of the two flavors was unexpectedly good! Up until the aftertaste, the cloud was nothing but delicious. I had to take a fast sip of water to get rid of the odd taste that lingered on my tongue, almost like soap.


Reviewing cloud nurdz disposable e-Juice link  was a strange experience because it's not the first e-liquid to mimic the real sweet. At first, the flavor of the cloud was pure, sweet, and enjoyable. However, the aftertaste ruined any chances of it being a daily favorite. I had to give this e-liquid a 4 out of 10 because of this. This strange soapy aftertaste might have been caused by the combination of the apple and grape flavors. I'm not sure why I tasted this aftertaste so strongly with this specific flavor as I've never encountered it before. 

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