Give your Vaping A Friendly Begining With Air Bar Max

November 24, 2021

Give your Vaping A Friendly Begining With Air Bar Max

Guilt-free puffing has now become possible with the advent of electronic nicotine delivery systems and if you are looking for beginning vaping either as a means of quitting smoking or just trying how puffing nicotine feels then Air Bar Max can be the ideal choice. This vape is the master of flavors and looks and everything that can make your vape time comfortable and smooth.


Even though the nicotine concentration is half that in a cigarette, you will still feel the throat hits satisfying. The automatic firing mechanism makes your vape time interesting and convenient and you do not have to worry a bit about filling your vapes again with an e-liquid or recharging it. Just inhale all the puffs and dispose of the unit.

Is Air Bar Max better than any other vape?

This vape features a total of 2000 puffs that are empowered by 5 percent of nicotine and is enough to go on a mini vape break. The draw nozzle is soft in touch and the flow comes fluently giving you the velvety feel. The cylindrical design is built with a fine plastic to maintain the lightness a vaper demands to carry it easily anywhere. The Suorin brand is renowned for premium quality and extravagant tastes. 

Another reason that makes it a special vape unit is that it has a nice LED that blinks on every inhale and gives you the opulence feels. 

The 6.5ml vape juice and 1250mAh battery power correspond in a way that is beyond mesmerizing and can give you a nice package of 80 cigarettes in one device. You can vape these according to your vaping style.

Is Air Bar Max Safe to Vape?

There will be no accidental battery blow unless you are vaping on a fraud device or after the expiration period of that particular unit. Also, its chassis is built on an anti-leakage design so you won’t even get complaints of leakage. Until the last vapor draw, Air Bar Max runs smoothly  and saves you from all kinds of inconveniences.

What are the tastes of Air Bar Max?

  • Red Mojito (Cranberry Mint Lime): Want to have a mojito feel along with your puffing? This taste is sweet, cool, and tangy!
  • Cherry Blossom Grape: This nicotine hit bangs your throat with the sweet and tarty taste of the Sakura grapes and cherries that are fresh-like, a perfect taste to feel the summer vibes!
  • Watermelon Ice: It is similar to the flavor of Air Bar Lux!
  • Holly: A frigid splash of coolness, vaping with the holly flavor is taking your tongue and throat through different kinds of mints. Mint and menthol enthusiasts will love it!
  • Shake Shake: This flavor makes the vapors all the more velvety. Those who love the creamy milk-like taste will have fun vaping with this one.
  • Aloe Blackcurrant: Blackcurrant with aloe tastes even more smooth and sweet. Relax with this unique taste concoction!
  • ALPPS (Icy Mint): Mint maniacs have another choice to deploy the coolness of mint leaves. It's quirky, it's yum!
  • Berry Shake: Another choice to explore the sweet and creamy throat hits.
  • Blueberry Blackcurrant: A bold balanced blend of blueberries and blackcurrant can be the ultimate twist for candy-like taste ice-cream lovers!

There are other flavors to try. These are Apple Shake, Banana Shake, Lemon Shake, Melon Shake, Pudding, Sakura Grape, Guava Shake, Red Bull Ice,  Peach Mango Cranberry Grape, Kiwi Berry Ice,  and Blueberry Lemon Ice. Certainly, your taste buds must have been captivated by more than one flavor. Try them all and share with us which one you liked the most.

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