Give Your Nod To The Ultimate Dinner Lady

Give Your Nod To The Ultimate Dinner Lady

Pre-filled, disposable vape pens in the form of pens are exactly what they sound like: products that are used only once before being discarded. With Vape Pens, customers can try vaping as a smoking substitute without committing to buying a vape kit, e-liquid, or coils, which are more expensive and need more technical expertise than a disposable e-cigarette. Additionally, they are useful and easy to use.

The only disposable e-cigarette that is pre-filled with premium Dinner Lady e-liquids is the Dinner Lady Vape Pen. It is available in five brand-new flavors in addition to the eight most popular flavors of the brand. Because each e-liquid was altered to best fit the components of the device, all 13 flavors are the greatest e-cigarette flavors now on the market.

The contemporary disposable e-cig is designed to mimic the feel, feeling, and taste of smoking, as opposed to the cig-a-likes that were once available in gas stations, which used quite primitive technology, and were intended to look like cigarettes but didn't produce anything that was remotely similar. According to Public Health England, vaping products are 95 percent less harmful than tobacco products.

Dinner Lady Disposable- The Introduction!

It uses the well-known Vape Dinner Lady Nicotine Salt eLiquids and is a discreet, single-use vaping pen. In comparison to a standard Bar Type disposable device, the Dinner Lady Vape Pen has a 50% higher tank capacity of 1.5ml and a larger battery capacity of 300 mAh.

To ensure that it won't leak, the Dinner Lady Vape Pen is housed in a beautiful aluminum case that has undergone extensive humidity and altitude testing. Two nicotine salt e-liquid concentrations—3% (30mg) and 5%—of Vape Dinner Ladies are offered (50mg).

How Does An E-Cigarette Work?

A disposable vape pen's coil is powered by an e-cigarette battery, which causes the coil to vaporize e-liquid to create a satisfying vapor that contains nicotine and is breathed similarly to smoking. Due to the fact that they cannot be recharged or refilled, disposable e-cigarettes should only be discarded after usage.

Can A Disposable Vape Replace A Cigarette?

A disposable vape pen, which replaces cigarettes in two essential ways: it offers a replacement supply of nicotine and requires the use of hands, addresses the two most common behavioral features of traditional tobacco smoking. The e-cigarette disposable The Dinner Lady utilizes e-liquid with 20mg-nicotine Nicotine Salts. This suggests that, when compared to freebase nicotine, it can more accurately simulate how nicotine from cigarettes enters the bloodstream.

The Dinner Lady disposable is packaged in a style that resembles a packet of cigarettes in order to mimic the muscle memory of opening and to provide an experience comparable to smoking. The package, which is split apart to reveal the disposable device inside, contains the gadget, which is kept safe in a foil sleeve and wrapped in cellophane.

Reasons To Love Dinner Lady Disposable Vape!

  • The Vape Pen is compact and lightweight, measuring just 10 cm in length and weighing 16.7 g when filled. The Vape Pen simply requires a pull to function, so forget about bulky, pricey devices with complicated operating systems and buttons.
  • The Dinner Lady electronic cigarette, which has six different flavor levels and 13 premium flavors, features some of the best flavors in the vaping business. Due to its prefilled 50:50 Nic Salt e-liquid, the disposable provides mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping that most closely resembles the sensation of a regular cigarette's throat hit.
  • Due to its upgraded 1.6ohm coil with a specifically blended cotton wick and 350mAh grade A Li-Ion battery, Dinner Lady's electronic cigarette claims to deliver 40 puffs. Yes, Dinner Lady's Vape Pen offers the vape equivalent of up to 20 cigarettes for just £3.99 for each electronic cigarette.
  • The Vape Pen never needs to be charged, refilled, or have its coils replaced at all, making it the finest e-cigarette for novices seeking a simple but effective vaping device. Simply 400 puffs of your preferred e-liquid, hassle-free. After using a pen, simply put it away and begin using a new one.
  • The Vape Pen has a style that cannot be disputed. The Dinner Lady disposable e-cigarette features a gorgeous metallic finish and is composed of high-quality, food-grade stainless steel.

The Flavors Of Dinner Lady Disposable Vape!

The Dinner Lady disposable is available in 13 flavors, including dessert, sweet, fruit, ice, menthol, and tobacco flavors, to give customers the widest selection.

If you prefer a taste experience close to smoking, pick our best-selling Smooth Tobacco Vape Pen for a novel take on conventional tobacco with sweet, wood undertones.

Fresh Menthol and Blue Menthol, two menthol flavors developed with the Menthol flavor restriction in mind, provide a brisk, energizing inhale for those of you who were once ardent menthol enthusiasts.

The six Ice e-liquid flavors that are now offered—Strawberry Ice, Lemon Sherbets Ice, Citrus Ice, Bubblegum Ice, Banana Ice, and Mango Ice—won't disappoint brand devotees.

In addition to the classic Pink Berry flavor, vapers may now enjoy the sweet yet energizing flavor combination of berries, grapes, currants, and citrus fruits with Fruit Mix, a new fruit flavor.

Due to the addition of two Dessert flavors, including the popular Strawberry Macaroon and the renowned Lemon Tart, vapers will have a wide range of selections.

In The End!

If you want an e-cigarette that combines the ease of a pen with the flavor advantages of a box mod, go no further than Dinner Lady Vape. Dinner Lady's disposable e-cigarettes are compact and portable, come in 13 excellent flavor combinations, and promise up to 400 puffs without losing flavor. They guarantee no fuss, no hassle, and simply excellent flavor at a reasonable cost.

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