Give A Twist To Your Vaping Life With Air Bar Lux Plus

Air Bar Lux Plus is an enhanced version designed for individuals who feel their Air Bar Lux would have been ideal if it had more puffs.
Give A Twist To Your Vaping Life With Air Bar Lux Plus

Are you seeking a vape with all of the attributes of the Air Bar Series but with extra twists that can bring excitement to your throat? 

Air Bar Lux Plus is an enhanced version designed for individuals who feel their Air Bar Lux would have been ideal if it had more puffs.

Suorin technology never ceases to amaze us. Even if you're new to vaping and wish to start with a throwaway, we guarantee that our upgraded version will hit you more satisfying than you expect. They've boosted the battery and e-liquid capacity available in exotic flavors, allowing you to vape for longer periods of time and more intensely.

We're going to give you a deep look at this device so you can make the best decision for yourself!

Air Bar Lux Plus: Performance and Attractiveness

This throwaway offers everything you need to satisfy your nicotine cravings in comfort and style. After passing all safety inspections, the anti-leak proof design and 1250mAh battery power were fitted. This gadget provides a decent amount of 2000 puffs that provide a vape ride equivalent to roughly 100 cigarettes for both beginners and expert vapers. For smokers who switch to vaping, the nicotine intensity may not provide the ultimate satisfaction because it is just 5%, which is half of what is present in a cigarette.

Weighing roughly 60 grams, it is extremely light and portable, and the color and design feel amazing in your hands when vaping. The mouthpiece is made of soft rubber to ensure that vaping is as comfortable as possible. It promotes good breathing and preserves your teeth. This generation has no buttons, so all you have to do to enjoy that great smoke is take a drag.

Since the unit is disposable, it is critical to dispose of it according to the guidelines and start over with a new taste to sample. This keeps your vaping interesting and compelling. There's no way your tongues and throats will become bored.

Flavors of Air Bar Lux Plus;

  • Clear: Distinctive and powerful in flavor.
  • Banana Shake: Exceptionally creamy and silky.
  • Berry Lemon Shake: The Air Bar lux plus berry lemon shake taste is delectably sweet.
  • Cranberry Grape: Fruity and energizing with a cranberry flavor.
  • Cool Mint Flavor: Cooling vibrations to keep you relaxed all day.
  • Kiwi Orange: Tastes just like orange kiwi juice.
  • Energy Drinks (Red Bull Ice): While puffing, fill your soul with the flavor of an energy drink.
  • Cola: Nicotine clouds that taste like your favorite soft drink, Coca-Cola.
  • Orange Shake: A popular taste among shake fans.
  • Watermelon Ice: A watermelon ice e-liquid that gives you the sensation of eating cool, fresh watermelons.
  • Kiwi Lemon Shake: A delicious blend of kiwis with a little lemon flavor.
  • Blueberry Ice: Blueberries and mint together.
  • Cherry Lemon Shake: Cherries blended with mild lemon juice.
  • Chips and corn: Do you want to know how corn and chips might taste as vapors? Try to figure it out for yourself!
  • Monster Ice (Green Energy Ice): While you enjoy the throat hits, get your taste buds closer to the taste of Monster Ice energy drink.
  • Strawberry Raspberry: the perfect delicious sweet combination. Strawberries and raspberries are at their peak.
With Air Bar Lux Plus, you can try all of the flavors and enlighten your vaping by adding more flavors and puff numbers. Do not over vape, as nicotine can be dangerous. Minors must abstain completely. Also, only buy authentic products.
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