Get Ready to Redefine Your Expectations with Air Bar Lux

Get Ready to Redefine Your Expectations with Air Bar Lux

The Air Bar Lux offers robust flavours, sinfully sweet desserts and a burst of throat-satisfying nicotine that will make every vape memorable. Powered by 0% tobacco on a sleek battery with 5% salt nicotine for the true salt-alcoholic smoker looking for satisfying flavour without any other baggage. Get ready to go one puff at a time when you live life Tatiana's way.

With a subtle fruity flavour, this innovative device is perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. 1000 puffs per vape ensure you'll never be without your favourite flavours, while the sleek design won't catch dust in any of your pockets. Plus it's available in 30 unique flavours from fruity to tobacco flavour - there are options for everyone!

Top-Selling Air Bar Lux Flavours

  • Apple Shake - Smooth Like An Ice - Cream: Sweets and ice cream lovers will love this vape flavour. The apple taste is enticing, but the sweetness is just right. The crisp coldness of the apples has a rich flavour that tickles your nose with each breath deep into your lungs. A hint of cinnamon sneaks in to deepen the taste and leaves you begging for more!
  • Banana Shake - Creamy Like A Smoothie - This is one of those flavours that satisfy the picky eaters amongst us who are notoriously difficult to please because you can't go wrong with creamy flavours like cream and milk. Throw in some enticing banana flavour for good measure, et voila! Mindblowingness guaranteed!
  • Blueberry Kiwi Ice - A Fruitilicous Blend - Satisfy your fruit cravings with this succulent menthol vape. A dream team of blueberry and kiwi flavours will blow your fruity desires away! The delectable taste of kiwi and blueberry come together in perfect harmony to create a flavour that tastes like it was made with love. A sweet and irresistible combination!
  • Red Bull Ice - Boosts Like An Energy Drink - Red Bull Ice is the perfect drink for those hot and humid days. With a crisp taste that's smooth and invigorating, Red Bull Ice offers consumers an energizing flavour to cool them down in any situation. This icy sensation will help keep you going strong without any sugar highs and lows.
  • Popcorn Carmel - Full-fledge Entertainment In A Pod - Savour the rich and creamy taste of caramelized popcorn sprinkled with sugar, in an exquisite vape experience. Imagine taking your first bite into a fluffy popcorn ball - that can only mean one thing - this flavour is lit! This delicate yet spicy blend will have you hooked in no time. So many people out there swear by this flavour.
  • Cranberry Lemon Iced - Sweet, Icy, and Spicy - Perfect for those summertime heat waves, this is the vape flavour for you! With a refreshing sweet and tangy cranberry taste to keep your mouth watering. We’ve also thrown in some additional lemon so that no matter what time of year it is, we are with you on the journey to refreshment!

Take a deep breath of awesomeness today with Air Bar Lux

In the pursuit of vaping perfection, we couldn't stop at just one product. Air Bar Lux is the latest premium addition in our series for those who know better than to settle for anything less. This handy little device is small enough to take with you wherever life takes you without taking up much space at all.

The 1000 puffs per vape mean that with only a single battery you can enjoy hours of flavours without risking your newfound freedom in search of a charger. With 30 excellent flavours and over 500 pints worth of juice on hand, it's more than ready for whatever life throws at you.

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