Geek Bar Pulse Vape Review: Average or Superior?

Indulge in a sensory journey with Geek Bar Pulse Flavors, offering a myriad of vaping experiences. Discover the perfect harmony of taste and satisfaction, exploring an array of delightful flavors in this comprehensive guide.
Geek Bar Pulse Vape Review: Average or Superior?

A variety of disposable gadgets with different dimensions, puff counts, and battery capacities have been released by Geek Bar. I'm going to tell you everything there is to know about the Geek Bar Pulse, their newest throwaway. 

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

One of their longest-lasting disposables is the Geek Bar Pulse link , which can produce up to 15000 puffs in "regular" mode and up to 7500 puffs in "Pulse" mode. The Geek Bar  is also the first full-screen display on a disposable device in history, claims the Geek Bar website.

With a built-in dual-core chip and Geekvape's VPU technology, each Pulse offers the highest performance possible from a disposable. There are two mesh coils inside each Pulse, which provide great flavor and durability.

The nicotine strength available for the Geek Bar Pulse is 50 mg/ml and 16 ml of juice. The Type-C charging port can be used to replenish the 650mAh battery.

This year, should you put the Geek Bar Pulse vape on your wish list for the festivities? Let’s check if it is the right find for you.

Geek Bar Pulse Vape Design & Build Quality

The Geek Bar Pulse is a tad on the chunky side. The gadget has a box-like appearance, but it is incredibly easy to hold because to its rounded and smoothed edges. The Pulse is 83mm tall, 52mm broad, and 28mm deep. The gadget weighs 82 grams in addition to its bulky size and form. 

It's on the larger side in terms of dimensions, but in exchange for a full-color display screen and a high puff count rating, the specs are compromised. That being said, vapers who would rather only use one flavor at a time may find great satisfaction in these devices. 

They are a touch too large to carry around with you every day, but they are still manageable in terms of size if you want to pack more than one for a road trip.

The plastic body of the Pulse has held up quite well during my testing, and it seems incredibly well-built. The plastic body has no noticeable marks at all. There are a few little scratches on the clear plastic covering the LCD screen, but nothing major or worrisome.

The Pulse is available in 20 distinct flavor combinations, and the color of each gadget corresponds to the fruit taste that is inside. For instance, the Strawberry Banana flavor is packaged in a yellow container. Every device has a large Geek Bar Pulse Vape link logo at the top and a planet printed near the bottom on the front. The device's flavor is displayed above the earth. Although each flavor seems to have a slightly different planet icon, the logos are remarkably similar overall.

Geek Bar Pulse Review By Customers

Although the gadget has an airflow adjustment switch on the bottom, this one is not like most others. First of all, a rather uncommon feature on a disposable is the "close" option, which completely shuts off the device and stops the airflow. Because you are unable to draw on the gadget while using this option, the device becomes "childproof." 

Two airflow holes are open in the standard mode. There are now three airflow holes when you switch it to pulse mode. Additionally, pulse mode activates an increase in wattage, producing a more powerful draw. 

The device's full-color display springs to life when you switch it on. The vaping mode is displayed in the middle of the display screen, with the e-juice level at the bottom and the battery and e-juice levels displayed in percentages at the top. Compared to if they were just plain icons, you would get a more accurate assessment when the power and battery drain in separate percentages. 

The screen seems slightly different in pulse or regular mode. One is the hue of the light that surrounds the screen when the gadget is turned on or a drawing is made. The cascading light becomes red during pulse mode and green during ordinary mode. As you draw, a rocket ship will also emerge in the middle of the screen if the drawing mode is set to pulse.

How Is The Mouthpiece?

The Pulse's mouthpiece is made of plastic, but it has a silicone coating that makes using it incredibly comfortable. Even when I tossed it into my pockets, I had no trouble with lint getting inside the mouthpiece despite its large opening. 

This mouthpiece, according to the Geek Bar website, is bite-friendly which is a bizarre feature. Perhaps they are saying that because of the silicone wrapping, it won't hurt if it touches your teeth. Either way, I wouldn't advise chewing into the device. It leaves bite marks, which makes writing on the device a little painful for your lips. I tested it myself (for science). 

The Type-C charging connector is located on the underside of the gadget, directly beside the airflow adjustment. The screen will turn on when the gadget is plugged in to notify you that it is charging.

Geek Bar Pulse Flavors Features

Not often the most feature-rich gadgets come to mind when you think of a disposable vape. The Geek bar Pulse, on the other hand, maybe one of the disposables with the most features that I have examined to date because this is not the case with it.

Depending on the vaping mode selected, the Geek Bar Pulse offers up to 15000 link puffs in standard mode or 7500 puffs in pulse mode per device. It comes prefilled with 16ml of e-juice. As of the time this article was written, the only nicotine strength available for them was 50 mg/ml.

Inside each Pulse, there are three key components: Geek Bar’s VPU technology, a dual-core CPU, and a dual mesh coil. I won't bore you with the technical specifications of the VPU, but in general, this is meant to enhance wicking, prevent burning, and heat more evenly for a better vaping experience. From my experience, I would agree that this results in better flavour, and more clouds, and makes Geek Bar Pulse vape a SUPERIOR disposable.

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