Geek Bar Pulse: Revolutionizing with Advanced Technology & Eco-Friendly Practices

Disposable vapes provide a handy and user-friendly vaping experience; but, they must be used and disposed of safely.
Geek Bar Pulse Vape

The performance, technology, and quality of disposable vapes have improved substantially since the first one-time-use devices were introduced over a decade ago. The current disposable vape distinguishes itself by its intense flavor, enjoyment, and high puff count. Disposable vapes, however, are more than just a reductionist component comparison. If it was that simple, they'd all be interchangeable. Adult vapers have made it obvious that this is not the case, however, the Geek Bar Pulse Review link does provide superb copies of the most popular vaping flavors today.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

The Geek Bar Pulse 15000 offers an extremely complex vaping experience for a single-use gadget. Despite its small size, it is the world's first throwaway with a full-sized LED screen. This makes it easy to monitor battery life and e-liquid levels. The display also includes cosmic-themed animations, presumably to remind you that the performance is out of this planet.

Its performance is improved with a twin mesh coil and a clever dual core. This enables it to offer two unique performance levels. These are the high-power Pulse Mode & the efficient Regular Mode. You may swap between these, and they provide very distinct vaping experiences within the limits of an MTL disposable vape. 


  • Nicotine Strength 5%
  • Standard/Pulse Mode
  • Puffs: ~15,000 Standard/~7500 Pulse Mod
  • Battery: 650mAh
  • Dual Mesh Coil
  • Advanced Dual Core
  • Full Screen Display
  • 82.6mm X 52.6mm X 22.7mm

The Geek Bar Pulse link  is a stunning little throwaway that is jam-packed with features. Despite being just approximately 3 inches tall, it has a large LED screen and integrated components that none of its competitors have. The most notable of these is the dual-mode capability.

There are two types of functioning. Pulse mode is the highest wattage level. When used with the sub-ohm coil, it doubles vapor output and produces powerful flavor. Pulse Mode delivers unrivaled performance in a tiny throwaway. The mouthpiece has an increased airflow design, which is useful when up to 20W of power is available for each puff. The estimated puff count for Pulse Mode is 7500.

In standard mode, the vape is a very efficient throwaway, producing up to 15,000 puffs from a 16ml e-liquid capacity. The regular mesh coil has been designed to provide good performance even at low battery power, requiring less power and burning less e-liquid while producing thick vapor.


The vape also has the first full-sized LED screen on a disposable vape, so battery life and e-liquid levels can be readily viewed on this prefilled gadget. Its power settings are housed on a bottom-mounted switch. There are two modes: pulse mode and regular mode (the unlabeled choice in the centre). You can also turn off the gadget by sliding the switch to the "Closed" position. This is an excellent feature that is starting to emerge on more disposable vapes. 

There are lovely accent lights around the LED screen. If you are in standard mode, it will blink green. When you pick Pulse Mode, an animation of a rocket ship displays. The screen looks just beautiful and provides a functional role.


  • Regular Mode: Lights up Green
  • Pulse Mode: Rocket Ship 
  • Close: Device is turned off. 

The ergonomics are excellent. The gadget features a clear shell composed of robust but not excessively stiff materials, allowing for a comfortable vaping experience. Despite having two integrated mesh coils, all of these capabilities are offered in a form that is no bigger than other disposable vapes.

Convenience is not compromised. The Geek Bar Pulse Vape link Puff comes pre-filled with tasty nic salt e-liquids, and using it is as simple as opening the package and taking a puff. There is no need to fill or switch coils. To take advantage of the vape's broad performance envelope, just switch modes with a button press.


Adjustable airflow as well as other premium features have surfaced on disposable vapes since they transitioned from weak vape pens and stick bars, such as those made famous by Puff Labs, to today's rechargeable disposable devices.

The device goes a step further by merging two coils into a single gadget, with each giving distinct performance. While the Pyne Pod has a boost mode that increases vapor production, and the Snoopy Smoke is essentially two disposables with two coils and two e-liquid tanks connected to a single battery, the vape is the first to seamlessly integrate the distinct characteristics of two completely different coils and power settings.

With refillable pod kits like the Caliburn and Smok Novo 3 reaching peak power of about 25w, the vape's sub-ohm coil can handle up to 20w. You can taste the difference in the correct manner. The vapor density and flavor are significantly improved, and the 5% nicotine dosage truly hurts.


The Pulse Mode delivers a significant kick, but it reduces the number of puffs by half. This makes sense given that it enhances vapor production and flavour by 200 percent, according to Geek Bar. The dual core chip improves efficiency, but if you want larger vape clouds, you must vaporize more e-liquid, which requires more battery power.

The wide, easy-to-read LED panel allows you to easily track the drain on both. The purpose of the cosmic images is unclear, but they surely do not distract. At the end of the day, disposable vapes are functional electronic nicotine delivery devices designed for grownups. A bauble may appear to be a terrific method to attract attention, but attention isn't always desirable when nicotine prohibitionists and Big Tobacco lobbyists are involved.


Disposable vapes provide a handy and user-friendly vaping experience; but, they must be used and disposed of safely. 

Improper disposal not only leads to environmental contamination, but also reflects negatively on an already troubled business.

There are several incorrect beliefs about disposable vapes and the people who use them. Why contribute to the problem by cluttering these frequently brightly colored and obviously identifiable devices?

Here are some steps to ensure you're disposing of your disposable vape responsibly:

  1. Deplete the Battery: Drain the battery as much as possible; balancing the e-liquid and battery levels is made easy with a device like the Rabbets RC10000, which monitors both. Every item described today includes a battery monitoring light or display, making this simple. 
  2. Locate a Recycling Facility: Many electronic waste recycling centers accept disposable vapes. Look for local recycling programs in your region and drop off your used gadget.
  3. Dispose of regular waste if necessary: If you are unable to locate an appropriate recycling location, dispose of the vaporizer in ordinary household rubbish. However, littering should be avoided at all costs.
  4. Raise Awareness: Encourage other vapers to dispose of their disposable vapes appropriately. We can work together to make the world a cleaner, healthier place.
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