Geek Bar Pulse Review: Getting into Depth of Every Aspect

Geek Bar Pulse Vape offers a fairly wide selection of flavors, and the company gravitates towards brighter, more vibrant combinations. 
Geek Bar Pulse Review: Getting into Depth of Every Aspect

This review of Geek Bar is here to give you a complete understanding of one of the most recognizable disposable vapes available. This disposable comes from the masterminds of the hardware brand Geekvape, and its widespread popularity is evidence of the power of branding.

While Geek Bar was one of the most potent disposable vape devices at one point, the sector's rapid expansion in recent months has seen it face stiff competition, especially in terms of price and puff count.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Despite this, Geek Bar remains a top choice for those who like to vape. The large variety of Geek Bar Pulse Flavors link coupled with a striking, unique, and easily recognizable design has plenty to offer old and new hands alike besides the convenience of being self-contained, as well as portable and cheap that comes with nearly all disposable electronic cigarettes.

Here, finally, is our full Geek Bar Review, in which we will bring you through all the crucial points you should consider about this product—what it offers in terms of features, how it looks and what color combinations it comes in, and finally, some of your choices concerning the flavors available so you can tell whether or not Geek Bar would be the right e-smoke for you.

Characteristics of Geek Bar Pulse Vape

The Geekbar Pulse Vape link is an efficient disposable vape. Of all the products offered here, it's a simple and practical "green" option requiring no initial setup: this device is ready for use straight from the pack. Its tank is filled, and the internal battery is charged. It would help if you opened the box–it's all there, ready for instant gratification.

  • Inhaled automatically
  • 575-odd puffs
  • 2ml of nic salts
  • Forty milligrams of nicotine
  • 100mAh battery

Furthermore, the device operates buttonless. Insert the end of one's breath into the mouthpiece of this device and draw gently. It will turn on. After a short period of being idle, it will automatically turn off–so there's no need to worry about whether we are in a hurry; these batteries last too long, and we're too wasteful in depleting them.

The Geek Bar's nic salt e-liquid contains 2ml, in strict compliance with the TPD(European Union UK law regulating nicotine content in tobacco and e-cigarette products). It has an overall capacity of about 575 puffs on one charge, comparable to smoking about 30 cigarettes. With the 500mAh battery attached.

Okay! Now that we've pieced together this puzzle, let's move on to its exterior features. Let's look at something other than today's Geek Bar's internals.

Geek Bar Ergonomics & Design

However, as we mentioned at the outset, the layout is unique for a product that has long ago become commonplace. With the likes of Dinner Lady and Elf Bar, this cylindrical behemoth! On the other hand, the Beco Puff Bar has a very similar No; it didn't want to be shaped like one or the other of its predecessors but combines styling features from both—more of a rectangular shape with rounded edges.

  • The product measures 105x23x14mm.
  • A rectangular shape with rounded edges
  • One piece without cracks on the build
  • The bumpy surface feels shiny

The rounded edges provide a smoother texture, unlike the regular ridged surface seen on many vape pen models. Apart from its shape, the Geek Bar Pulse link  offers a few other design choices that are different from those of its competitors. The mouthpiece is not a separate attachment on top; it's built into the same shell as all other parts. Instead of being raised duckbill-style, the body is tapered toward where the mouthpiece rests. Of course, he goes on. And while some disposables go for a matte finish or even all black, the geek bar's glossy sheen is bright and vivid and sets every flavor off on its mood when tasted properly.

Geek Bar Pulse Flavors That You Can't Overlook

Let's check out the different flavors of Geek Bar Pulse.

Geek Bar offers a fairly wide selection of flavors, and the company gravitates towards brighter, more vibrant combinations. There's at least a suggestion of fruit in most of their flavors, and some are sweet. Therefore, the currently available 24 Geek Bar menu options can thus be divided into four groups:

  • Fruit
  • Mint
  • Sweets
  • Fruit & Mint

Color your life with a bit of sweetness, but if you prefer something gentler on the palate, plenty of minty-breeze flavors will surely satisfy you. The Geological Society and our colleagues also tell us that the Geek Bar flavors are mainly sweet, but you can choose from some minty, fantastic flavors, too.

Tobacco and Menthol are still available if you would rather keep things simple.

To look at some of the better ones, see our Geek Bar Top 5 blog or read our complete Geek Bar flavor list guide. With everything now being more or less accounted for, let's wind up our Geek Bar Pulse Review link by presenting an overall product picture.

Summary of Geek Bar Pulse Review

Even though the disposable vape world evolves quickly, Geek Bar has always been a top-drawer product. There are newer models on the market that are better than it in terms of puff count but also more expensive.

Any disposable vape mouthpiece's puff count is an estimate - if you take long, slow drags, this number will be somewhat diminished. The reverse side of this is that the immediate and prolonged relief of nicotine provided by nic salts is much better than freebase e-liquids; so there is usually no need for those longer drags preferred by the elite fans among the ecological fans for this device.

In the final analysis, Geek Bar remains its customers' top SS and favorite. It's no wonder. It's a Vape Geek Bar Pulse link  product, so it carries with it the reputation of one of the most mentioned brands of hardware in vape and—more than just unique looking—also in its own right quite recognizable for all flavors and types.

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