Funky Republic Vape Review: Glossy Finish With Minimal Branding

The Funky Republic Flavors I sampled were all enjoyable, with a couple standing out as potential repeat purchases.
Funky Republic Vape Review

The Funky Republic Ti7000 link is one of the latest disposable vapes introduced by the creators of the immensely popular Elfbar brand. Within this new lineup, it is one of only two devices currently available, accompanied by the smaller Fi3000 model.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Each Ti7000 boasts an impressive capacity, containing nearly 13ml of vape liquid with a strength of 50mg/ml. This liquid is vaporized by a 1.2Ω mesh coil, and the device is estimated to deliver approximately 7000 puffs. The vape is offered in a diverse range of familiar flavors, predominantly featuring a blend of fruit and sweet tastes.

In a departure from the norm for disposable vapes, the Ti7000 includes a digital display, allowing users to monitor battery and juice levels within the device, a departure from the more common simple LED lights.

The question arises: is the Funky Republic link merely an Elfbar Pi7000 with a stylish new exterior and an added liquid crystal display? Or does it bring something more to the table for enthusiasts of disposable vapes? 

Funky Republic Vape Design 

The Funky Republic Ti7000 boasts a relatively substantial size, yet its oval shape ensures a comfortable and easily grippable hold. Achieving discreet vaping might pose a challenge unless you possess larger hands, but this isn't a significant design flaw, considering devices with such promised puff counts tend to be more substantial.

Its body features a combination of matte and gloss finishes, with a small textured area strategically placed for enhanced grip where the thumb naturally rests. The top section and the flat-style mouthpiece sport a glossy finish, facilitating easy cleaning.

The branding is kept minimal, contributing to an overall classy appearance in hand, particularly in certain colors. Color variations correspond to the vape flavor inside, such as green for apple and dark red for cherry. I find the dark reds, blues, and greens more visually appealing, though it's not uncommon for disposables to embrace vibrant colors.

The bottom of the device is wide and flat, eliminating concerns about it toppling over upon accidental bumps. The Ti7000 only needs to be laid on its side when charging, as the USB-C port is located at the base.

In summary, it adheres to a conventional design for a high-capacity disposable vape. There's nothing particularly innovative or groundbreaking to highlight in this regard.

Funky Republic Vape Features

The Funky Republic Vape link doesn't come loaded with a plethora of features. Like most contemporary disposables, its primary design focus is affordability and user-friendliness. Nonetheless, it does bring a couple of notable features to the table.    

One standout feature is the inclusion of a digital display, a rarity among disposable vapes, showcasing the remaining battery and e-juice levels. While the Liquid Crystal Display may be compact and not overly detailed, its presence adds a practical element that would be well-received across more disposable devices. Discreetly nestled in the side bezel of the Ti7000, the display remains inconspicuous when not in use.

Equipped with a 600mAh rechargeable battery, the Ti7000's capacity, while not the largest, competes favorably with similar disposables. Charging via USB-C, a now-standard feature, ensures a quick turnaround, with about 30 minutes required from a low battery warning to a full charge.

The device is entirely draw-activated, devoid of any buttons. Airflow control is achieved through six small holes on the bottom, positioned closely together, allowing users to cover all or none of them.

Sharing the same QUAQ coil technology as Elfbars, it comes as no surprise that the Ti7000 delivers improved flavor and consistency while efficiently burning vape liquid. This coil technology might explain the modest 12.8ml liquid capacity, lower than expected for a device promising 7000 puffs. The available strength is limited to 50mg/ml, leaving room for potential additions as the brand evolves.

How Do Funky Republic Flavors Vape?

Now onto the pivotal aspect of the review, because regardless of flashy lights, digital displays, or an array of flavors, a disposable's worth ultimately hinges on its vaping performance compared to the myriad other options available.

The Funky Republic Ti7000 delivers a vaping experience that aligns closely with our standard expectations for disposables. The draw activation simplifies usage, ensuring reliability to produce a satisfying volume of vapor with each hit.

The draw itself is moderately tight, offering a commendable MTL-style inhale, and the airflow can be further adjusted by covering the bottom holes. The throat hit from the 50/50 vape liquid is robust without crossing into harsh territory, and each puff carries a flavorful essence.

The battery longevity is impressive, and the digital display simplifies monitoring the remaining vaping time. Although the battery readout drops in 10% increments, providing a convenient gauge, a more precise display would have been preferable.

The device's design lends itself to comfort during both holding and usage. While having too many in your pocket might not be ideal, given the Ti7000's 7000 puffs and a battery that easily lasts all day, carrying more than one is likely unnecessary.


The Funky Republic Ti7000 stands as a commendable, if not particularly standout, addition to the realm of disposable vapes. The inclusion of a digital display is a highly appreciated feature, and its presence leaves me hopeful for its integration into more disposable devices in the future.

In terms of performance, the vape proves reliable and appears to be leak-free during regular use. The Funky Republic Flavors link I sampled were all enjoyable, with a couple standing out as potential repeat purchases. 

For those seeking a moderately tight MTL draw, the Ti7000 satisfies in that department as well. The overall vaping experience is commendable, delivering ample vapor production and a gratifying throat hit from the 50/50 VG and PG mix.

While it would be enticing to proclaim that these disposable vapes offer groundbreaking or unique features beyond the LCD, the reality is that, while enjoyable, reliable, and cost-effective, there isn't much that sets the Funky Republic Ti7000 apart from other high-capacity vapes.

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