Follow-Ups to Build Your Vape Coil

Follow-Ups to Build Your Vape Coil

Hey, Vaper! If you have shown interest in giving this blog a read then surely you are one of the hardcore vaping fans or a knowledge freak. Vaping has undergone many vivifications and in the world of pod mods and vape tanks, your nicotine hits come with a lot of conveniences.

While the super ergonomic designs of pod mods make your vaping hassle-free, the hardcore vapers can relish the comfort through the mod tanks by simply selecting a replacement Coil like the Uwell Valyrian Coils which comes in various resistances and materials giving vapers the liberty to choose as per their vaping requirements.

But for those who are in love with vaping beyond measures, both options can be harsh on their pockets and can also lack the perfection that they desire when it comes to the cloud size. Here is when creating one's vaping coil is the ultimate solution. If you are a beginner then let's get you through some elementary and effortless ways to form your vape coils.

Things to Consider

✅Have in detail knowledge about Ohm's Law which is the basis of understanding the functioning of the coils. This will give you clarity on deciding the material and size of your coil. If you want to install the perfect resistance coil that meets your needs to the entirety, master this law and calculates your design accordingly.

✅The three variables on which Ohm's law is based are- Resistance, Voltage, and Current.

✅Know the resistance you need. Based on this you will decide the thickness of your resistance coil. A bigger diameter means higher resistance.

✅Select your Coil's material /metal from Kanthal, Nichrome, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Titanium, etc. Beginners must use Kanthal Wire.

Materials Required

✅Resistance Wire that you've chosen

✅Flush cutters


✅Ceramic Tweezers

✅Small metal rod

✅An Ohm meter to detect an accurate resistance (optional)

✅Jigs or screwdrivers


The Making

✅Cut the resistance wire you selected by using the Flush Cutter. 3 to 6 inches is fine.

✅Wrap the coil using screwdrivers or jigs. For beginners, using a jig is recommended. Neatly wrap the cotton along. Try to maintain a strong tension and avoid overwrapping. Make sure that both the ends must be aligned in a similar direction.

✅Time to install the vape device. Disassemble the tank and insert one end in the positive terminal and the other into the negative. Ratify that the wire ends are straightly inserted. Keep your coil at the center of the deck and gently pull out the jig.

✅You must perform a short circuit test using the Ohmmeter to ensure safe coil use. If there's a fault in the ohm meter's reading, reinstall till it sets right. Once you will become habitual to installing, you won't need to test this.


The Closure

Creating your vape coil is an art that is boundless but having a rudimentary conceptual understanding is pivotal even if you want to create the vape coil that is one of your kind.


                             Avoid Over Vaping. Nicotine is harmful.

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Kevin S. is an experienced vape writer and collector of VaporBoss. I have been writing about disposables, e-liquids, and vape coils for half a decade now. With a commitment to accuracy and clarity, I guide readers through the maze of information, providing valuable insights for both beginners and experienced vapers. My writing not only demystifies the technical jargon, but also delves into the cultural nuances, trends, and regulations that shape the ever-evolving vaping community.

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