Fly High With A Flavour That Is Strong & Sweet - Red Bull Ice

Fly High With A Flavour That Is Strong & Sweet - Red Bull Ice

Red energy is the new favorite. Vape red bull ice to imbibe the energizing taste and feel of stimulation. A perfect flavor to pick you up. If you are feeling a little groggy in the mornings, skip that coffee and try out some of these high voltage Flavours. All day energy, vape it in second, feel it every minute, last for hours. 


 Calling out all the red bull lovers, Red Bull Ice by Air Bar Max and Air Bar Lux has everything to give you that energy boost. It produces a natural wave of energy from within, leaving an ultimate satisfaction and dense clouds. If you are feeling fatigued, take 5-10 deep inhales holding the breath, then slowly exhale and you will feel a warming energy come over your body. 

Which all vape brands have red bull ice Flavours?

 Both Air Bar Max and Air Bar Lux feature Red Bull Ice, with a red bull taste in a lineup that awakens like a morning shower. Innovative, rich, and powerful, each puff of red bull ice is like a sip of energy. The only difference in both the flavours would be of specifications and product features. 

So let’s discuss which is the ideal pod for you to try. We’ll be listing key specifications for both the pods below. 

Key Features Air Bar Max

This disposable pod has some amazing flavours and they are for all tastes, fresh, ergonomic, and you can take wherever you want to try them. Each Air Bar Max pod offers 2000 puffs, 5% salt nicotine and comes pre-charged with an integrated battery of 1250mAh. The 6.5ml pre-filled juice makes sure you maximize the enjoyment of vaping. 

It is a great tasting vape that is excellent for both experienced vapers and also newbies. Plus, they are super convenient to use. Comes with a draw-activated firing mechanism, leak-resistant technology and adjustable airflow for intense and satisfying flavors all in a stylish compact design. With 23 exquisite flavors, each flavor is uniquely crafted with a juicy concoction of fruits, leaving your taste buds on edge, waiting for the next draw. 

Key Features Air Bar Lux 

The Air Bar Lux Disposable Vape is subject to strict controls and performance standards. It is powered by a 500mAh in-built battery and runs 2.7ml vape juice consisting of a nicotine concentration of 5%. You can expect it to run for at least 1000 puffs and even more that in some cases, this mostly depends on how you use it and the length of your pull of course. 

This disposable comes with more than 20 flavors to choose from, some full of icy freshness and some full of sweetness. Each pod has a totally excellent flavour and is ready to vape straight out of the packaging head. With no recharging, refilling or maintenance required, this pod lets you enjoy those clouds you love and experience ideal throat hits. 

Try New Vaping Experience Now

If you are a hard core red bull flavour fan and do not want the flavour to end. Go for Air Bar Max but if you just want to give it a try, Air Bar Lux would be ideal. The taste in both the flavours is almost the same. The difference is in specifications and puff count. Both the pods are popular and trending in the range of disposables. Other exotic, fruity flavours are also available. 

So how do you relax after busy work? Which flavour are you currently on? Try any of these pods and share your experience with us.

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