Flum MI Rechargeable Vape Review: Interesting Set Of Flavors

Flum MI disposable vape is compact, slim, and lightweight, with a 2.5ML pre-filled juice capacity that provides up to 800 puffs.
Flum MI Rechargeable

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Flum MI is a disposable vaping brand with a large product variety. This disposable vape is compact, slim, and lightweight, with a 2.5ML pre-filled juice capacity that provides up to 800 puffs. They are rechargeable and will last the length of the indicated puff count.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

This means that their coil technology has been well-researched and refined, so you can expect excellent performance from this 800. Flum's disposables are very appealing little gentlemen. They have the form factor of a bar-type disposable, which means they are tall but thin and narrow. They also weigh very little. If portability is your primary priority while selecting a throwaway, these will do the job. They're so small and light that carrying them in a pocket or backpack is barely visible. 

Flum Mi Rechargeable Design

Depending on the Flum MI Flavors, the outside shell will be colored differently, at least on the mouthpiece portion. This panel displays the Flum Mi logo on one side and the outer shell is particularly useful because it allows you to look directly into the ejuice reservoir, which is placed just above the metal band. This allows you to keep track of how much ejuice is left inside, so you know when you're running short.

The negative of this shell is that it scratches readily and rapidly begins to appear worn. Of all, because this is a throwaway that you throw away after 800 puffs, you won't have to put up with the scratched appearance for long. Still, the fact that things begin to look worn after only a few days of wear is not ideal. My units' metal bands are also exhibiting signs of wear, notably in the middle and bottom. 

The bottom of these disposables has an LED light, an airflow hole, and a battery venting hole. Overall, I enjoy the design, and I believe these are good-looking small disposables. Things that should be improved include the shell's scratch resistance and the paint quality on the metal band. Aside from these two minor cosmetic concerns, all of my Flum MIs feel strong and well-made, and they are pleasant devices in general.

Flum MI Disposable Features

Flum MI disposables are not striving to be the longest-lasting disposables, as seen by their specifications. Each contains 2.5 cc of liquid, enough for up to 800 puffs. If you want a disposable that will last you several weeks of vaping, these aren't it. While they may not last as long as the competitors, this product has a secret weapon. 

To be more exact, this vape produces greater flavor, which remains constant and strong for longer than a standard coil. I'll go into greater detail about my experience in the flavor portion of my review.

These disposables are not rechargeable, however they do feature a rechargeable battery that lasts the stated 800 puffs.

Flum MI Disposable Vape Flavors

Looking at the 10 flavors offered for the Flum MI Disposable Vape Flavors, I like what I see. There are, of course, fruit and fruit/ice combinations, but I'm seeing some very intriguing flavors that sound delicious.

Cool Mint

The name is Cool Mint, and it is incredibly cool. It has a minty flavor with a pleasant sweetness that makes it quite appetizing. The cooling is intense enough to cause a brain freeze if you take too large a draw. If you enjoy sweet mint flavors with a strong cooling effect, this will be suitable for you.

Strawberry Mango

Strawberry Mango has recently grown on me, so having both in one was exactly what I was hoping for. Unfortunately, while this is a pleasant flavor, I find it to be somewhat subtle and light. Increasing the flavor intensity would have improved this flavor, but as it stands, I don't find myself returning to it for more.

Lush Ice

I receive a pleasant and sweet watermelon flavor here, which is accompanied by a hint of chill. The coolness isn't as powerful as it is in the Cool Mint flavor, making it far more pleasant if you don't smoke ice.

How Does Flum Mi Disposable Vape?

With the Flum MI Rechargable, the flavor remained consistent throughout my use, even when the ejuice was nearly exhausted. This was simple to test and track because it only included 2.5vml of ejuice and 800 puffs.

I have noticed that these disposables last longer than other 2.5 ml devices. Whereas ordinary 2.5ml disposables are expected to last no more than 500 puffs, these lasted far longer, with some even exceeding 800 puffs (if only by a few hundred). Finally, the draw is extremely smooth, which is due in large part to the ceramic core and the tiny holes that comprise it. They still provide a satisfying dose, but the vapor is clean and not harsh on the throat or chest.


The Flum MI rechargeables may be small, but they are packed with deliciousness. Compared to other 2.5ml capacity disposables, these provide significantly more puffs (800+) while remaining as tiny and portable as the others. If mobility is your primary concern with disposables, the offers Flum MI Disposable Vape one of the best puff-to-size ratios available.

The coil undoubtedly improves the performance of this disposable. Even though the nicotine concentration was just 5%, I had a fantastic vaping experience with them, and I enjoyed most of the flavors I tried.

The Flum MI's disadvantage is that it only offers 800 puffs. They do not last as long as other higher-capacity disposables on the market, but they are among the most durable small-size disposables available.

If you're searching for a new, ultra-portable disposable to test, look into NOW. There are many of different flavors to try.

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