Flum Float Vape Review: Ideal To Vape On The Move

The Flum Float most noticeable feature is undoubtedly its distinctive bottle-style shape, but it also has several useful internal features.
Flum Float Vape Review

A practical, user-friendly, and distinctively designed disposable vape gadget is the Flum Float Vape link . Our comprehensive review will examine it's elegant design, hassle-free features, easy use, pleasing vapor performance, and general benefits and drawbacks.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Flum Float Vape First Impression

Its small bottle form and lightweight, palm-sized body make it an eye-catching addition to any pocket or purse. The glossy shell of the vape, which comes in a variety of eye-catching hues like red, blue, purple, and green, has a chic, contemporary appearance. Compared to big, bulky vapes, its portable bottle-shaped form factor makes it far more discrete for public usage.

This device is among the lightest disposable vaporizers available, weighing only 14g. It's perfect for vaping on the move because of its small size and lightweight construction. No refilling or charging is required before using the device for the first time; it is ready to vape right out of the box.

The Flum Float Disposable Vape Kit kit contains the following items:

  • One single Flum Float disposable vape
  • 3-month guarantee on the warranty

That's all; no other attachments, e-liquid bottles, or chargers are required. When it comes, the device is ready to vape. Simply crack open the lid, remove the seals, and begin indulging in those gratifying 3000 puffs.

Flum Float Vape Features

The Flum Floats link most noticeable feature is undoubtedly its distinctive bottle-style shape, but it also has several useful internal features. With its fuss-free design, rechargeable vape kits become significantly less complicated.

A major benefit is the substantial 8ml pre-filled e-liquid capacity. It has a pre-loaded tiny tank that holds 10 different vape juice flavors, saving you the trouble of constantly refilling it. Its remarkable 3000-puff lifespan is significantly longer than what the typical vaper will utilize before tossing the gadget.

Furthermore, there is no need to charge the Flum Float. Because of an inbuilt battery that is precisely matched to the long-lasting e-liquid supply, it is pre-charged immediately out of the box. Simply start vaping; there's no need to wait for a charge.

Another element that focuses on convenience is draw activation. It has no buttons; it works automatically when you breathe in. This makes using it easy and intuitive, especially for those who are new to vaping.

Super Easy To Activate

It's really simple to use this disposable Vape. It's really easy to start vaping, with no settings to change, power buttons to find, or need for refilling or charging.

Simply open the container, take out the gadget, and begin inhaling via the mouthpiece to begin using the draw-activated design. Simple settings allow you to just inhale and enjoy the smoke.

Considering that it doesn't require charging or refilling, the Flum Float link is the perfect portable vaping partner. Have one in your pocket for convenient on-the-go vaping. You don't need to pack e-liquid bottles or remember to recharge.

Another benefit of simplicity of use is portability. It is small enough to fit into a pocket or purse and is ready to use for a brief vaping session. It weighs only 14g and is only 10cm tall.

All in all, it's one of the most straightforward vapes available, simplifying the experience to just one step: inhale to activate. No prior knowledge is necessary.

Vapor Performance

The vape is mostly appealing for its ease, but its vapor performance is still impressive. A smooth, tasty, and enjoyable vaping experience is offered with every puff.

The premium nicotine salts used in the pre-filled e-liquid create a smooth throat hit and clean taste delivery. Menthol, tobacco, fruit, and candy characteristics are among the available flavors.

Whichever you select, the flavor doesn't change in quality as the liquid level drops; it tastes the same from the first to the last puff. It is simple to breathe because of the smooth, resistance-free airflow.

There won't be large clouds since the volume of vapor produced is little. Blowing huge clouds is not the main goal; instead, it is the throat punch and taste delivery. However, the mouthfeel is pleasing and the vapor density seems good.

For most vapers, 5% (50mg) of nicotine packs a strong punch to the throat that immediately produces a hit of nicotine. It lasts significantly longer than the typical vaper will require, with 3000 puffs per device.

Flum Float Flavors Options

The brand offers more than thirty delectable varieties that cater to a diverse range of palates. Every palette may be satisfied with a flavor selection from Flum Float, ranging from fruity and frosty to sweet.

A vast array of fruit-inspired flavors from this vape offers a juicy, sweet vaping experience. Options include unique mixes that combine different fruits to create unique flavor combinations, as well as single-fruit flavors.

Selectables like Strawberry Mango, Red Apple, and Strawberry Watermelon let you savor the delectable nuances of only one fruit. Rainbow Skittle blends fruity tastes for a vivid candy-like taste, appealing to individuals who enjoy fruit medleys.

Tropical Delight and Pina Colada are two other alternatives that highlight tropical tastes. Additionally, Lichi Rosy combines delicate rose notes with delicious lychee for a unique mix.


If all you want is easy vaping without having to worry about charging, refilling, or adjusting settings, the Flum Float Vape Kit link is perfect. Because of its lightweight, compact design, it provides a smooth, tasty 3000-puff vape that is convenient to carry with you wherever you go.

You are, however, confined to set tastes and low environmental sustainability because of its disposable nature. After a single vaping session, the single-use gadget is disposed of.

In the end, it's perfect for anybody who prioritizes simplicity over everything else, but it's not as good for seasoned vapers who want eco-friendly practices and customization. Check Flum Float price at Vapor Boss link now. 

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