Fabricate Your Clouds with Delicious Flavors of Air Bar Lux Plus

Fabricate Your Clouds with Delicious Flavors of Air Bar Lux Plus

Air Bar Series has been in vaping fashion for quite some time. Known for impeccable cloud productions with ultimate flavor satisfaction and compact and comfortable design, this series now includes Air Bar Lux Plus as the newest edition, changing the gambit of the vaping industry for the better.  Here are the major specifications of this vape that would immediately make you want one for yourself-

The Puffs and Performance 

You can get an experience of 2000 cloud hits in a row without having the need to recharge it again. It comes precharged with a battery and includes the best wick and coil that are aligned to work automatically once you inhale the vapors into your lungs. This activated firing mechanism setup makes the functioning of this vape flawless and wonderful.  There are no interruptions in between and the cloud's size is beyond a satisfying level giving the perfect MTL vaping contentment.

The Tempting Tastes and Perfect Nicotine Blend

Another striking feature of Air Bar Lux Plus is that it makes your entire vaping a delectable ride. Available in multiple tastes, it brings happiness of its own kind. You get to have a fine flavor menu ranging from all sorts of shakes and juices to Energy drinks and Corn and Chips. 

Adding to the glory is the absolute inch-perfect nicotine concentration which includes no tar and tobacco and equates nearly to a feeling of a traditional cigarette by giving a 5% sharp nicotine bang. Every device contains this in the salt form and it is mixed with the total 6.5ml of e-juice concoction. Making the flavor more enriching is the VG/PG in a 70:30 ratio. This adds more texture and sweetness to your clouds. 

 The flavors of Air Bar Lux Plus include-

  • Clear
  • Banana Shake
  • Berry Lemon Shake
  • Cranberry Grape
  • Energy Drink (Red Bull Ice)
  • Orange Shake 
  • Cola
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Kiwi Lemon Shake
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Cherry Lemon Shake
  • Corn and Chips
  • Green Energy Ice ( Monster Ice)
  • Strawberry Raspberry
  • Kiwi Orange
  • Cool Mint

How to maintain Air Bar Lux Plus?

As a part of maintenance practice, all you need is to avoid any kind of direct prolonged sunlight exposure to your Air Bar Lux and consume it within a time period of 2 years from the date of manufacturing. As already discussed above, this vape unit comes with an automatic light-up set up and it saves you from all the mess of recharging and refilling your cartridge. It also has a robust chassis which guarantees that there would be no leakages. 

How can I verify my Air Bar Lux Plus’s authenticity?

For verification, you can follow two practices, first of all, have detailed know-how about the official list of ingredients included by the WHO and FDA as safe to vape. The right concentrations of compounds play a major role in this. Sometimes, unsafe flavoring enhancers are added that are a major risk to health also, the quality of materials used in assembling this device is overlooked to make more profit, to identify this, have a piece of knowledge about the labels and buy only from a reputed store like vaporboss.com. Check the QR Codes and then only use the product. 

Is Air Bar Lux Plus good for sub-ohm vaping?

Being a disposable vape, the scope of elongated puffs is limited with Air Bar Lux Plus. It does not support sub-ohm and direct lung vaping. 

Warning: Do not vape if you are a minor or pregnant woman. People with respiratory conditions must also avoid vaping on Air Bar Lux Plus.

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