Fabricate an Unforgettable Vaping Venture with Vaporlax Disposable

Fabricate an Unforgettable Vaping Venture with Vaporlax Disposable

Replacing smoking for the better, Vaporlax is a smart way to relish cigarette-like nic hits with a bit fewer health risks. It comes as an extraordinary puffing option with lots of flavor choices to please your taste buds.

Contributing to a fun vape time, along with the tasty e-liquid concoction, there is a super smooth activated firing mechanism that this trending vape device masters to give rise to the massive and rich textured clouds that please both your tongues and throats without minimal interruptions.

Here’s all that you must know about this revolutionary throw-away vape machine...

 Splendid Cloud Size!

Yeah! Heard that right! By giving you the extravagantly ready-to-hit 1500 Puffs, Vaporlax Disposable Vape sensitizes your senses with a unique vape time. It comes pre-charged and demands no recharging action until you relish its last drop of e-juice. The throat hits’ quality and size are superb and won’t make you miss a cigarette if you are trying it for the first time after years of smoking experience.

This is maintained by high battery power, (that is 100mAh) used for converting a comparatively less quantity of e-juice. Like other disposables, there is no fuss and mess of refilling the device as it comes pre-filled. Also, you do not have to bother about maintaining them since they are meant for one-time use only and that sounds great! Right?

Cool adjustable airflow feature!

Whether or not you be wondering but Vaporlax is unique among the other disposables because it has the cool adjustable feature that helps you control your cloud productions and there is no better feeling than having this liberty by your side!

Strong and Satisfying Nicotine Strength!

Here is no way that you are going to ask for more as the nicotine quality and strength in the vape juice of Vaporlax are irresistibly good. It is infused in the salt form to the 6.5ml of total e-liquid, making your throats go crazy! That is chiefly because of the unique range of vape juice flavors down the line that is juicy and succulent. Undoubtedly, if tried once, no vaper would be able to resist it easily as it is also blended with an inch-perfect concoction of Vegetable glycerine, and propyl glycol which is 70:30, respectively. The other flavoring compounds have been aptly mixed with the nicotine to keep you content throughout the day. 

We’re sure now you must be waiting for the flavors to be disclosed!

Here’s the pleasing flavor list of this vapor machine …

25 Irresistibly yummy Vape Juice options of Vaporlax! 

The vaping perk over smoking is that it can treat your taste buds along with your throat needs and this vape pen brings the awesome combination of both! If you are looking for just a zesty cloud hits taste then you can go for any from the following list-

  1.  Apple Peach Pear
  2. Banana Ice
  3. Blue Razz
  4. Blueberry Ice
  5. Captain
  6. Cool Mint
  7. Crush Grape
  8. Energy
  9. Hawaiian Mix
  10. Ice Cola
  11. Icy Fruits
  12. Lemon Bar
  13. Lush Ice
  14. Mango Ice
  15. Orange Soda
  16. Peach Ice
  17. Peach Mixes
  18. Pineapple Ice
  19. Pineapple Lemonade
  20. Pineapple Peach Mango
  21. Pink Lemonade
  22. Strawberry Banana
  23. Strawberry Cream
  24. Tropical Punch
  25. Vanilla Custard

The design and durability

It has a look like that of a pen-shaped cylindrical highlighter and is made from very high-quality plastic which gives a soft feeling on the drip tip. Moreover, this material is equally robust and won’t leave any burning sensation on your palms even if you vape for a longer time. The chassis is powered by bright color in combination with the black paint at the base and nozzle. The color shade given on the outside corresponds to the flavor you choose and has a thin transparent line near the base which glows with a nice bright-colored LED Puff Indicator light with every draw that you inhale.

Additionally, its compromising anti-leakage design helps you to store this device free of any kind of leakages and spills.

How much is the life of Vaporlax? Is it a safe vape gadget?

These are good to vape within 2 years’ time from their respective date of manufacturing. However, their duration is variable since every vaper has different vaping demands. It can also be finished in a day or 2 or can be used for more than a month or two until its expiry date ends.

Talking about safety concerns, it is built on the highest quality material and uses a safely integrated circuit. If you are purchasing it from the right store and vaping wisely then it won’t cause you any harm. The manufacturing is done with care and there are almost nil chances that its battery would burst or overheat.

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