Ezzy Icon Disposable Vape: A Sparkling Refreshment

Ezzy Icon Disposable Vape: A Sparkling Refreshment

Nowadays, the vaping industry is coming up with many kinds of vapes so that a vaper can get the maximum satisfying throat hits. In this blog post, we will reveal all the details about Ezzy Icon Disposable Vape so that all your vaping queries can be sorted. This device has all the basic features that a vaper looks forward to in a throwaway vape. Here’s why we say this…


What are the Notable Features of Ezzy Icon?

  • The most concerning question for the vaper is how many hits does their unit deliver in one go? In the case of Ezzy Icon, the puff count is as immense as 3500 plus. Considering that it is a one-time-use vape, this puff span is impressive!
  • All the puffs are delivered to the utmost satisfaction level of the vaper. This unit has an automated draw-activated firing mechanism that within micro-seconds releases the vapor just after an inhale is made through the mouthpiece of the vape. There is no compromise on the consistency, flow, thickness, and overall quality of the vapors. 
  • Regardless of it holding 3500 puffs, this unit is not heavy in weight and can be easily carried anywhere. They are stylishly designed using hi-tech and high-quality material and the color palette on the outside is a combination of white and the flavor color corresponding to the one you pick. Truly pleasing on the eyes and tongues!
  • Since it has used the latest ergonomics for better functioning. The working of this disposable vape is based on automatic light-up and it’s effortless to use it. Not entirely but it has a close feel of a sub-ohm vaping but in a more systematic and convenient-to-use mechanism where you just have to rip off and take out the rubber cap to start inhaling the flavored nicotine puffs. What is better than that? 
  • The vape juice of Ezzy Icon will leave you in awe. It has 8.5 ml of capacity to store the e-liquid which is super strong in terms of nicotine strength that is 5 % of the total weight of the vape juice. You get to select from 10 tastes, all of which will make your tongues do backflips. 

Ezzy Icon Disposable Vape Gifts You the Tempting ten tasty vapor variations

Frozen Watermelon - A blend of juicy watermelons combined with the extract of mint leaves to deliver you a chilled taste of watermelons. This flavor will get you in a relaxing mood.

Berry Remix - Only for the lovers of berries. It holds a mixture of different berries’ tastes, making your vaping exceptionally beautiful.

Southern Strawmelon - 

Polar Mint - If you want a highly strong taste of mint while you give your throats the nicotine treat, pick this flavor right away.

Blueberry Lemonade -  After a yummy taste of blueberries, a whisper of lime flavor will make your clouds truly irresistible.

Mamba - Gets you an experience of a fruity flavored vaping punch with a light taste of bubblegum.

Wild Bluerazz - Go on a wild flavorful cloud hits with the flavor of blue raspberries and brighten up your vape time with their yummy juice. 

Gummy Delight - A pure fruitful chewing gum pleasure while puffing.

Straw Mango - Put yourself to the taste of some exotic juices of summer fruits, a concoction of strawberries and mangoes give you a nice kick to sort you throughout the day!

Chilled Banana - Creamy and luscious to the core. It gives you a sensation similar to the banana shake.

Ezzy Icon is the Perfect Break from Smoking!

Puffing in any form is never good for health but for addictive smokers, it is hard to quit, and here is when Ezzy Icon Disposable Vape can help smokers to take a step towards quitting smoking. The comfort and flavor twist that it comes with leaves no room for a second thought to abandon this vape for others. It comes with a crystal finish and a peculiar design from the standard disposable vapes which all resemble the look of a vape pen.

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