Exploring Reds Apple E-Liquid: A Palette of Five Distinct Flavors

Dive into a palette of five distinct flavors with Reds Apple E-Liquid. Explore the world of premium vaping, where each taste is a unique delight
Exploring Reds Apple E-Liquid: A Palette of Five Distinct Flavors

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"Do you like apples?" That scene in Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's 1997 film Good Will Hunting eluded me. Maybe it was because it was the setup for "Well, how do you like them apples?" a phrase I had never heard before.

Perhaps it was because of the inquiry "Do you like apples?" struck me as odd. Everyone, in my opinion, liked apples: Braeburns, Jazz apples, & even the lowly Granny Smith. And now, thanks to 7 Daze's Reds Apple EJuice, I have a few more favorite apples to add to the list.

7 Daze

7 Daze is a California-based premium e-liquid company. They've been in business since 2014 and have a great global reputation for being a reliable and credible firm. According to what I've read, their founding members are well-known engineers from the food and vapor sectors who got together to start this firm. They employ pharmaceutical-grade components in their e-liquid tastes and have a reputation for high-quality goods as well as stringent safety and compliance regulations.

I tried a number of their Reds Apple Nic Salt products. REDS APPLE FRUIT MIX are all generally apple-flavored, however they come in a variety of types such as Original, Apple, or apple-based varieties like Apple Mango or Apple Berry. In addition, each one I tried includes an iced version with a menthol throat impact.


Reds Apple Nic Salt E-liquids are available in 10ml bottles with 10mg or 20mg dosages. They are 50% VG / 50% PG, as with most nic salts.

I put these nic salts through their paces in a Caliburn G at 10mg dosage.

5 Best selling Reds Apple Nic Salts reviewed:

Reds Apple Original

This Original Apple e-juice is a crisp, fresh apple combination. Because of the numerous varieties of apples, apple taste e-liquids might be perplexing. Which one do you prefer? Reds Apple Original, on the other hand, has gone beyond the box by providing the wonderfully light flavor of apple juice.

Many apple juices are slightly sour or taste like syrup on occasion, but if this were a drinking juice, it would be the crisp, fresh juice from a red apple. I really like and suggest this juice as an everyday vape.

Recommended for: People who like fruit vapes, but nothing too sweet.

Reds Apple Original Iced

This is the Iced version of the Apple Original that was previously reviewed. On the one hand, this is similar to Apple Original, but with menthol added. On the other hand, it provides a new perspective.

I spent a lot of time with these juices, changing pods and comparing them side by side, and the concept behind the Iced versions is that if the Apple Original is a glass of apple juice, this version is a glass with ice.

And, sure, I believe I believe it. The apple flavor is strong and distinct, and the menthol provides just enough cooling to recall an ice-frosted glass of apple juice on a hot summer afternoon.

Recommended For: Again, anyone who likes fruit flavors but craves the throat sensation of menthol or cool mint.

Reds Apple Berries

Apple Berries carries on the motif of a red apple basis, but this time with a variety of berries. These are blueberries, raspberries, and pomegranates. Medleys of different berries can be difficult to distinguish when blended, and they have a propensity to merge into one indistinct berry flavor. But I believe I can identify these three flavors in this e-liquid.

The apple takes front stage, while blueberry comes through in a mildly sour taste on the exhale. The raspberries lend a somewhat sour depth to the juice, which balances it out. Because of its slightly sour and acidic taste, pomegranate operates similarly to raspberries.

Overall, this juice is rather enjoyable, with the crisp freshness of the apples offset with a somewhat acidic or sour berry flavor.

Recommended For: People who like a fruit vape but with a slight edge.

Reds Apple Mango

Mango is another taste that most producers fail to successfully mimic. It's a complex flavor with many distinct characteristics. I was hoping for something similar to the Cawston Press Apple & Mango juice, and you know what? They've come a long way.

Mango taste is delicious yet somewhat creamy in my opinion. It also includes a hint of pine, which gives it a herbal flavor with a slight perfume flavor, similar to a vehicle air freshener. So, a little like a peach, but spicier. That's fairly difficult to replicate in a lab, and most e-liquids fall short of this but get near or — more typically — produce a new mango-like taste.

But this one is the best I've ever had. On the inhale, you'll get a familiar apple flavor, but on the exhale, you'll get a creamy, somewhat flowery, and citrus tropical flavor.

Recommended For: If you like fruit vapes with a touch of cream and a hint of citrus.

Reds Apple Mango Iced

The addition of menthol to the Apple Mango flavor mentioned subtly modifies the flavor profile. On the inhale, it's colder, which adds smoothness and brings out a note of vanilla. Maybe it's deliberate, maybe it's not, but I certainly tasted it.

Again, the menthol isn't overbearing on this juice, but it's just noticeable enough to soften the exhale.

Recommended For: If you like fruit flavors with a slight menthol kick.


Reds Apple Fruit Mix is a serious business with some interesting tastes. I like the notion of starting with an apple then branching out in numerous directions. Along with the tastes mentioned in this article, they also have Watermelon, Peach, Strawberry, and Grape juices, all of which are combined with their fresh, crisp apple.

These are among the nicest fruit tastes I've tried in a vape. Strongly recommended!

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