Everything You Need To Know About The Smok Nord Coils!

Smok Nord is over now. Its appearance might lead you to believe that it is a tight draw device, however, that is not the case. With a little setup, this is meant to produce big clouds and a big flavor. 
Everything You Need To Know About The Smok Nord Coils!

Prepare your compact for a recharge with the Smok Nord Coils. Smok has created this amazing 5-pack of top-notch Nord Replacement Coils to maintain your Nord functioning at the superb level you may have become accustomed to. For the Nord Pod System, Smok's Nord Coils are available in a range of atomizer topologies, including 0.6-ohm Mesh, 0.8-ohm Mesh-MTL, 1.4-ohm Ceramic, and 1.4-ohm Traditional Coils. The 5 replacement coils that make up the Nord Coils contain 2 top-facing and 1 bottom-facing o-rings for an easy plug-and-play installation.


As a result, these Smok Nord Coils kit offer a unique selection of resistances from 0.6 ohm to 1.4 ohm as well as coil configurations, offer incredible build quality from top-of-the-line materials, and have been created to deliver a powerful, flavorful, and more satisfying vape when used with the Nord ultra-portable pod-based system.

The Design!

Smok regularly produces top-notch artwork. Even though there have occasionally been some terrible items, I think that most of their products appear rather decent. Additionally, I consider the Nord to be elegant and modern. You may have the Nord in practically any color you want. The resin pattern comes in seven different incarnations, while the solid-color snakeskin pattern has six.

Despite being little, it has some weight to it. I didn't imagine it would be this heavy. Because it's not very substantial, it's not terrible or anything like that. As a result, Nord really feels more solid and high-quality.

The Pod!

As opposed to being a single component that is used only once and thrown away, the pod is reused but has new coils within. So I guess this isn't a pod system strictly speaking. What looks like a pod system is actually a tank system. I'll still refer to it as a pod system though.

The kit, therefore, comes with one pod and two Smok Nord replacement coils. Smok built the pod in a very innovative way. It generates far less waste and makes coil purchases less expensive.

Depending on where you reside, you have a choice between two different pod sizes. There is a 2ml pod available for EU citizens who must abide by TPD regulations and a 3ml pod for everyone else. A 3ml tank seems appropriate to keep the device's total size as small as feasible. However, if you utilize mesh coils and low-nicotine, you can quickly consume 3ml.

There is a tiny rubber cap on the side for filling it up. Fill it out after taking it out. Before inserting the plug into the appliance, make sure it is securely in place. You should wait a few minutes before taking a hit on a fresh coil to give the liquid time to absorb.

The little window is fine, but I think they might have taken a little more care with it. You can see the liquid only after it is completely filled. It can be turned on its side or upside down, but it's still a little challenging to tell how much liquid is inside. It's not a big deal because the pod can be removed if you really want to see inside, but if they're going to have a liquid window, it should be more useful in my opinion.

The pod is slightly leaking, as I've seen. 

The Battery!

The 1100mAh internal battery that powers the Nord is a sizable battery for a pod device. Of course, how long a battery lasts depends on what it is being used for. You might be able to spend a few days without charging it if you vape less frequently during the day and have high nicotine levels. You might need to charge it after 1-2 days if you vape with little to no nicotine and just take hits after hits. In any event, that is a large battery for a pod device.

If you plug the micro USB cord into the bottom of the Nord vape, you can use it while it charges, which is always useful.

Red denotes a battery life of less than 30%, orange a battery life of between 30% and 70%, and green a battery life of between 70% and 100%. To quickly determine the battery charge, press the button twice.

Safety Measures

Circuit breaker.

8 second timeout.

Low-voltage safety

Airflow, Performance, & Flavor!

Even with the 1.4-ohm coil head, the airflow varies depending on the pod you choose. You won't find any extremely detailed drawings here, so be aware of it. This won't please vapers who want mouth-to-lung hits, in my opinion, because I prefer a very tight pull on pod-style devices.

You experience a significant, loose, and enjoyable lung hit with the 0.6-ohm coil. This little pod-shaped device functions virtually identically to a box mod. The device really shines in this situation. If you enjoy thick clouds, loose airflow, and strong flavor, you need this coil.


The Smok Nord is over now. Its appearance might lead you to believe that it is a tight draw device, however, that is not the case. With a little setup, this is meant to produce big clouds and a big flavor. Mesh coils are small, easy to use, and offer amazing flavor. I really like this thing.

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