Esco Bars and Esco Bars Mega: A Lookbook to Top-Notch Vapes!

Esco Bars and Esco Bars Mega: A Lookbook to Top-Notch Vapes!

Hey Vaper!!

If you have been wondering about the popularity of Esco Bars and Esco Bars Mega, then welcome to the right page! Here we are going to set all features, flavors, and other necessary information regarding them straight so that you do not have to think twice before purchasing them. The notoriety of these new disposable vaporizers is undoubtedly stupendous as they not only give pleasure-filled nic hits but also snake up convenience and affordability to the maximum. Let’s make this clearer…

The Irresistible Affluence of Esco Bars and Esco Bars Mega that’s hard to ignore…

This section talks about all the specifications that holistically make both these vapes special in their ways. Let’s begin by having a quick comparative view of both in the following chart-

        Esco Bars- Key Features

  1. 2500 Puffs
  2. 1100mAh battery
  3. 6ml of Vape Juice
  4. Pre-charged
  5. Pre-filled. Cylindrical design
  6. 5% nicotine (Salt)
  7. No spill. No mess
  8. 20 e-liquid flavors
  9. Thick and Smooth hits
  10. Zero lags

      Esco Bars Mega- Key Features

  1. 5000 Puffs
  2. 600mAh battery
  3. 14ml vape juice
  4. Precharged (Rechargeable with Type C)
  5. Pre-filled.Highlighter-style design
  6. 5% nicotine (Salt)
  7. No spill. No Mess.
  8. 6 e-liquid flavors (unique blends)
  9. Smooth and Thick Hits
  10. Zero lags

A glance at the above chart makes it clear that both the vapes differ majorly in the puff counts and the e-juice flavors. The robust compilation of both Esco Bars Disposable Vape and its big brother counterpart won’t make your vape time austere or dull. This is because of the tough material used that neither makes your vape device hot on the outside when ignited nor it leads to battery explosive accidents if stored under normal temperatures and vaped within their expiry period.

Note: There are many hoax vape device circulations so make sure you buy an original one to reap the benefits and not risk your health.

Additionally, these are both based on the automatic light-up feature that activates as soon as you begin to inhale your first draw! It couldn’t get any cooler!! Right? 

On the contrary, the difference lies in their design, grip, and weight. While the Esco Bars weigh 49.9 gms, the Esco Bars Mega weighs 53gms.

Esco Bars are Cylindrical in shape while the Esco Mega looks like a highlighter. The drip tip is an important part of a vape that is comfy and similar in both (material-wise).

Ergo, corresponding to what you aspire the most from a disposable vape-a bigger puff count, the choice of flavor or design and dimension, would be the deciding factor on which one would aptly match your vaping style. 

Vape Juice Varieties- Esco Bars and Esco Bars Mega

Esco Bars bring 20 different flavors to pick up while Esco Bars Mega vape juices are limited to 6 options with the intention of giving a unique flavor creation that ordinarily is unfound in any throwaway vape. The infusion of 5% nicotine in the salt form and VG/PG blend of 70:30 adds an enriching texture and satisfaction to your throat hits and we are sure, you are never coming back of the cloud nine vaping feeling with these extraordinary vape juices. So, get ready to fill your mouth with some taste temptation as we take a trip on the exciting flavors of both these vapes... 

          Flavors of Esco Bars

  1. Banana Ice 
  2. Blue Raspberry
  3. Bubblegum Ice
  4. Cotton Candy
  5. Mango Ice
  6. Orange Limeade
  7. Peach Ice
  8. Pink Lemonade
  9. Red Apple
  10. Spearmint
  11. Strawberry Banana
  12. Strawberry Ice
  13. Watermelon Ice
  14. Cool Salted Caramel
  15. Grape Ice
  16. Kiwi Dragon Berry
  17. Rainbow
  18. Strawberry Cream
  19. Strawnanners Ice
  20. Tobacco
  21. Blood Orange Tangerine
  22. Blueberry Raspberry Ice
  23. Kiwi Guava
  24. Peach Pineapple
  25. Rootbeer Float
  26. Strawberry Watermelon


Note: All these compounds have been safely installed in the unit and there will be no serious health issues. Provided you vape within limits!

How to use Esco Bars and Esco Bars Mega?

These are buttonless designed vapes which means that their call to ignition is by mere inhaling only. You have to make a slow and deep inhale to activate these and take some precautions while storing them. These must not be overly exposed to heat and direct sunlight. Also, if sometimes, you face any interruption, shake them. If the device still doesn't work then its originality must be verified or there is a chance that you got a defective piece. 

Esco Bars need no extra care or effort but in the case of Esco Bars Mega, you would have to recharge it during your break time from vaping to fully exploit its e-liquid.

How long will Esco Bars and Esco Bars Mega last me?

Depending on your puffing habits, these can be used between a whole day to a couple of weeks or months. However, their expiry period begins after 2 years of completion of their manufacturing date. Within which you can use them under any pattern of days. 

Are Esco Bars Vape Safe?

Yes! These little disposable vapes by Pastel Cartel are crafted to never cut short from accidental drops and can take a lot of damage if meddled with their internal structure or originality. Vape under precautions and limits to keep it all safe.

The Rock Bottom!

Your vaping couldn't get any better than vaping on any of these Esco Bars disposable Vapes! These help you vape with a feeling of ease, comfort, and convenience. Its automated firing mechanism saves all the hassles of recharging and refillings and is perfect for those who have decided to switch from smoking to vaping and is also perfect for experienced vapers attached to MTL vaping. So, pick your flavor and share the review with us! 

WARNING: Nicotine is addictive.Vape Wisely! Minors, Pregnant Women, and People with breathing issues must refrain!

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