Enjoy The Power Of EB Create Disposable Vape

The EB Create BC5000 is a small rocking invention for a good vaping experience, with the ultimate freedom of flavor selections and about 5000 puffs consumption in a pack. 
Enjoy The Power Of EB Create Disposable Vape


Within a short time after the introduction of vape units in 2019, vapers have shifted to divinely flavorful small vape sources for a hassle-free, smooth, and constantly on-the-go whiff feel! EB Create Disposable is designed specifically for novices who require a crash course in the ultra-advanced vaping realm. This blog post will educate you on the characteristics and flavors of this well-crafted vape before you start giving your throats those extremely cool nicotine jiggles. So, let's get started…

What exactly is EB Create BC5000?

The EB Create BC5000 is a small rocking invention for a good vaping experience, with the ultimate freedom of flavor selections and about 5000 puffs consumption in a pack. Simply pull it from your pocket and you're ready to go.  It includes an in-built burning mechanism that spares you from the mini-moments when you want to vape. It may be refilled and pre-charged. Naah! You no longer have to be concerned about your pod modifications short-circuiting and overheating! Doesn't having them sound so soothing? They certainly are!

Blended with a potent 5% nicotine content per unit. A VG/PG ratio of 70:30 is just about right for optimal smoothness in your draws. EB Create Disposable, being a disposable vape, will maximize your vaping time with its hassle-free vaping. Because it is a zero-maintenance gadget, the automatic firing mechanism would like just effortless inhalations from you, and who doesn't desire such carefree nic hits? It is a leak-proof gadget with a high-end design that makes the pod mod light and portable.

Exotic EB Create Vape Flavors

Introducing an outrageous and off-center design. The new EB Create BC5000 innovation is all about going above the established standard. The 5000 finger-licking scrumptious nicotine clouds meet your puffing cravings with their distinctively astonishing look and feel for disposable pod mod users. It has a tiny design without sacrificing any of the newest technologies, such as customizable airflow and faultless flavor selections. 

It is designed for single use and may be thrown away once the full e-juice has been vaporized, providing you the convenience of vaping without the mess and maintenance. The nicest thing is that you can swap flavors whenever you upgrade to a newer one. Some of the amazing flavors that it includes are: 

  1. Miami Mint: Likely a refreshing mint flavor, possibly with a hint of tropical or citrus undertones.
  2. Mango Peach: A combination of sweet mango and peach flavors, offering a fruity and potentially tropical profile.
  3. Sunset: The name suggests a blend of flavors that might evoke a calming and soothing sensation, perhaps with hints of citrus or other fruit notes.
  4. Blueberry Pom Ice: A mix of blueberry and pomegranate with a cooling ice element, combining sweet and tart fruity flavors with a menthol-like finish.
  5. Pineapple Strawnana: A fusion of pineapple and strawberry-banana flavors, likely delivering a sweet and tropical vaping experience.
  6. Beach Day: This could encompass a variety of flavors, but it might involve a combination of fruity and refreshing elements reminiscent of a day at the beach.
  7. Strawberry Watermelon: A classic combination of sweet strawberry and juicy watermelon, offering a refreshing and summery flavor.
  8. Crazi Berry: The name suggests a mix of various berry flavors, potentially creating a vibrant and sweet berry blend.
  9. Mixed Fruit: A broad category that could include a variety of fruit flavors, providing a diverse and well-rounded vaping experience.
  10. Blue Razz Ice: Blue raspberry with a cooling menthol twist, offering a sweet and tangy berry flavor with a refreshing finish.
  11. Blueberry Tobacco: A unique blend of sweet blueberry and the rich, earthy tones of tobacco, providing a balance between fruity and traditional tobacco flavors.
  12. Fuji Ice: Likely inspired by Fuji apples, this flavor might offer a crisp and sweet apple taste with a cool menthol sensation.

The Bottom Line-

The EB Create Disposable Vape is both stylish and functional. The benefit of not having to manage your vape makes it well worth smoking on. It's small, portable, and handy in every way. Order now from Vapor Boss to prevent being duped.


  • What is the minimum age to purchase EBCreate disposable?
  • It is a legal requirement that individuals must meet the age criteria established by their respective state or country to purchase EBCREATE products. The minimum age for purchasing EBCREATE is aligned with the legal smoking age, which varies across jurisdictions. This policy is in place to ensure compliance with local regulations and to promote responsible and legal use of vaping products. It is advised to verify the legal smoking age in your specific location to ensure compliance with the established guidelines.

  • How to know when an EB Create BC5000 is empty?
  • The device is considered empty when it no longer produces any vapor upon puffing. The absence of visible vapor indicates that the e-liquid or vape juice reservoir within the device has been depleted. Users should be attentive to the sensation during inhalation – if no vapor is being produced, it is a clear indicator that the device requires a refill or replacement cartridge. Monitoring the performance of the device and recognizing the absence of vapor will help users gauge the depletion of the e-liquid, ensuring a timely and satisfactory vaping experience.

  • Why does my EB vape flash 3 times after charging?
  • After completing the charging process for rechargeable EBCREATE products, the device often provides feedback to indicate the status. In this case, a flashing light sequence of 3 times serves as a signal to inform the user that the charging has ceased. This indicator is designed to alert users that they can safely disconnect the charger from the EB Create disposable device. The flashing pattern, in this context, is a visual confirmation that the rechargeable product has reached its full charge and is now ready for use. Users can confidently unplug the charger, knowing that their device has completed the charging cycle and is prepared for vaping. This feature helps enhance the user experience by providing clear and intuitive signals regarding the charging status of the device.

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