Enjoy the Impeccable Design and Flavors with Air Bar Max

November 18, 2021

Enjoy the Impeccable Design and Flavors with Air Bar Max

Flavors that are fabricated to perfection and the look are what make a disposable vape special. Created on the ergonomic design, these are sleek and super comfortable units that every vaper seeks to give a try. Air Bar Max is one among many such vapes that a beginner must consider. The flavors and build of this vape are so classic that your heart will pound for more. 


This pod mod is the master of keeping you at ease while you vape all day long. Firstly, you can carry it anywhere. It is stylishly light-weighted and fits easily in the pockets. Secondly, you do not have to keep a constant check on it for the concern of leakage of e-liquid. The design is shaped on anti-leakage features.

On the Vaping Roll: Features and Flavors of Air Bar Max

Standing true to its name it can give the feeling of maximum satisfaction by approximately holding 2000 puffs that can be processed rapidly and smart using the high-tech battery of 1250mAh. The vape juice has a strong intensity of nicotine ( 5% the weight of the vape juice) that is mixed in the salt form with other flavoring enhancers like Vegetable glycerine, propyl glycol, and flavoring compounds based on the taste you select to vape on. The 70 by 30 ratio of VG and PG respectively gives you a calm and smooth vaping effect that steals your heart for the better. 

Talk about the flavors of Air Bar Max and there is no way that your taste buds will turn into ecstasy as soon as you take a reading of the 20 mouth-watering to the depth taste options of this vape!

ALPPS - How can icy mint be missed? The all-time hit, mint flavor to burst the daily stress.

Holly- Need a bigger shot of ice? Here's a blend of mint and menthol.

Cool Mint- Basic version of mint leaves.

Kiwi Berry Ice- Blend of kiwis and berries with a gentle hint of mint.

Watermelon Ice- Best to beat the hot summer.

Red Bull Ice- Energise with vapors tasting just like a sip of Red Bull served on Ice.

Blueberry Blackcurrant- A mixture that won't let you stop inhaling.

Apple Shake- Apple amalgamated to milk cream. Feels soft, sweet, and fruity.

Melon Shake- Melons and milk. A combination you won't ever get.

Banana Shake- More creamy and thick.

Guava Shake- Guavas with milk are at their best.

Lemon Shake- Unique lemon and cream combo.

Berries Shake- Berries and milk taste better when together.

Shake Shake- Super fluent and velvety. Loads of cream make the draws smoother.

Peach Mango- Peaches and mongo for the better.

Blueberry Lemon Ice- A flavor that is created to give a smoothie vibe of Lemons and Blueberries.

Sakura Grape- Luscious juice to give the grape taste down the throat.

Cranberry Grape- Another fruity choice to vape on. Satisfying to another level.

Cherry Blossom Grape- This taste is exceptional too.

Pudding- Those who crave dessert-like ultra sweetness.

The 6.5ml vape juice of Air Bar Max Disposable Vape is professionally concocted by using health-safe flavoring agents. You can vape on a different flavor every time you begin to vape with a newer unit. Feel how the vaping boredom can be beaten by switching to a different flavor every time you vape. 

What's stopping you? Order Air Bar Max Now!

This one-step vape unit is not worth missing. Get on the vaping fun with its distinguished flavors, design, and uninterrupted vapor flow. So, what flavor did you decide to try for the first time?

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