Elf Bar – Your Vaping Fairy Is Right Here!

Elf Bar – Your Vaping Fairy Is Right Here!

Vapers know well how vaping transcends the mood into a fairy tale. Elf Bar, as much as its name, is a super interesting disposable vape that is built on top-notch features. Having tried it once takes you to a vibe not less than a fictitious adventure which when ends brings an ultimate relaxation !! Having said that,  it is worth noting its feature, performance, and flavors. Right?? So, let’s straight away jump to all about this interesting vape machine…

The Cloud Count

The first thing that hits when it comes to a throwaway vape is the number of clouds it can offer. With the use of Elf Bar, you can vape up to 5000 puffs. These are well-shaped with the finest flavor and thickness that in the very first inhale will melt your soul with the ultimate satisfaction!  People often wonder whether they will get full 5000 puffs or not. Well, there can be a slight chance of variation of this number but that won’t be a big number to be upset about. In fact, there is a chance that you get to have more than 5000 nic hits!!

Performance Speed

Talking about the functioning process of Elf Bar BC 5000, the process is as fast as 0.007 seconds. You pull in the draw and the tasty throat hit is right there in your mouth! In the view of performance, the flow of the vapors is also without any interruptions. These are good alternatives to cigarettes and are less harmful to health. The battery used is of 600mAh which comes pre-charged but needs recharging to get through the entire 13ml vape juice. Fret not!! This is mess free and does not even disturb your vape time. You can recharge the device during the time you take a break from vaping just like you do your mobile.

This can be done by plugging the Type C cable that you would have to arrange at your end and plugging it into the USB port designed at the base of this pod mod. Overall, every puff, from the beginning to the end will come with an equal level of flavor and thickness!

The Look and Comfort

Elf Bar is designed using a material that has both the qualities of being light in weight and yet robust. It won’t feel hot on your palms even if you vape for an extensively long session nor will it lead to any accidents like battery blasts or burnt vapor production. Look-wise, Elf Bar is a cute short, and slim cuboid-shaped vape pen that fits very conveniently in the palm and can be carried anywhere without feeling its burden. Its handy and portable nature makes it popular among the vaping fraternity. On the outside, the look is super appealing where it’s painted with a combination of candy colors. These color combinations vary as per the flavor you select. The drip tip grip also feels comfy on the mouth when used for inhaling the nicotine clouds. Ergo, from every aspect, the design and look of this vape are opulent and support you with a luxurious vaping experience that is hard to forget!

The Vape Juice Flavors

Like in other areas of features, the flavors of Elf Bar BC5000 are succulent unforgettable treats. Prepared with care and culinary creativity, these include VG/PG in 70:30 proportion and nicotine by 5% concentration of the 13ml e-liquid. All the extra flavorings are added in an inch-perfect proportion to make your aerosol safe and super yummy to consume. Pick up your favorite flavor and share which one impressed your taste buds the most-

  •   Blue Razz Ice
  •   Cranberry Grape
  •   Energy
  •   Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  •   Lemon Mint
  •   Mango Peach
  •   Peach Mango Watermelon
  •   Red Mojito
  •   Strawberry Kiwi
  •   Strawberry Mango
  •   Watermelon Ice
  •   Sakura Grape
  •   Tropical Rainbow Blast
  •   Sweet menthol
  •   Triple Berry Ice
  •   Sour Apple Rainbow Candy
  •   Rainbow Candy

 The Dual Mesh Heating Feature

Elf Bar disposable vape is no ordinary throwaway electronic cigarette, it comes with an in-built dual mesh coil structure that is rare in one-time-use vape gadgets. The perk added by this is that it produces high-end vapor with more flavor in your mouth. This makes the heating inside comparatively even and is typically present in high-class vapes only.

Does it support all kinds of Vaping styles?

No! Elf Bar BC 5000 supports only MTL vaping. It is difficult to bring the high heating inside this small-sized vape pen to be able to meet the demands of the DL as well as Sub-Ohm Vaping which chiefly requires higher resistances and temperatures.

What is the nicotine type used in my Elf Bar? Is it similar to a cigarette?

An Elf Bar contains nicotine in the salt form. The strength of 50mg to the weight of 13ml e-juice is half that in a cigarette. This is purposely done to help the addicted nicotine smokers cut down on the harmful habit of smoking extra nicotine which is addictive and equally harmful to the health.

The Takeaway!

Vapers looking for a fresh vaping start or smokers who want to grab one of the supreme electronic cigarette experiences must consider Elf Bar Disposable Vape for settling their craving for nicotine. This is a nice way to get some relaxation in the middle of a stressful day. The flavors are an add-on that you would find hard to ignore. What’s better than this extravagantly comfortable vape pen that is blessed with the best of everything?  If you have come this far with us, then we’re sure it is time to order one for yourself!!

Note: This article doesn’t intend to promote or attract the attention of minors and people with respiratory health issues. We strictly condone the use of Elf Bar BC 5000 for all non-smokers and request all adult smokers to use it within limits!! Pregnant or lactating ladies must also strictly avoid this as nicotine stops the brain’s development. Vape Wisely!!

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