Elf Bar Vapes - Are They Good Or Bad For You?

elf bar vape

Without a doubt one of the best selling disposable vapes are Elf bars. With the vaping market hitting the height of the sky, usage of Elf bars is increasing. But why are these vapes such a hype? Why do people look forward to trying them out? The answer is the simplicity of the Elf bar. It's simple yet provides a soothing experience. Just get it out of the box and use it right away. And the range of flavours is something that can attract the majority of users. This article will discuss the hype of Elf Bar and is it actually worth the hype or not? You will get to know everything about this disposable vape pen in the article.

Why is Elf Bar a smart choice?

The most genuine question that arises in everyone's mind is why go for Elf bars? Why are they so special? Well, Elf Bars makes your puffing experience smart by pulling maximum clouds even on the lighter device. You can produce upto 5000 clouds that are flavourful yet textured. Alongside it's nicotine content is only 5% which aids and urges you to keep smoking at bay. These bars make you free from the hassle of pre-filling and also provide the best vaping experience. Its delicious taste counts as an extra advantage for the users. It's 650mAh integrated-backed-up battery is what you must have.

This device comes pre-charged but in case if you want to pull all draws you will have to recharge it. Just plugin a type C cable as you do with your mobile. This Elf Bar is available in twelve lucrative flavours. These flavours for sure will enhance your craziness for vaping. The vape is filled with 13 ml of e-juice to get you a long way. And its automatic fire system is the star of the entire device. Drawing puff from the vape has never been easier as with the Elf bar. If you are not fond of the cigarette-like smell, Elf bar can be the best choice for you.

Are there any drawbacks of Elf bar?

In case you are thinking of quitting the habit of smoking, remember you are not all alone. There are hundreds of people who want to say no to smoking, but is that even possible? Of Course yes. Many have adopted alternative ways like vaping to quit smoking. Although the presence of nicotine is found in both, research promotes the fact that vapes have lower amounts of nicotine. One might be easily tempted by the Elf bar and its impact, but does it accompany any drawbacks? Well, it might be.

Elf bars contain about 5% of nicotine which means it does have harmful nicotine but in lower amounts. Vapes and cigarettes both contain nicotine. But the fact is that large nicotine content can be hazardous. Both of these have their own risk factors that cannot be ignored. Frequently consuming nicotine is not advised. While it comes to Elf bars they just have a small amount of nicotine that is smaller compared to cigarettes.

This doesn't mean that one can use Elf bar vapes as many times as they want. Frequent usage of these vapes can increase the consumption of harmful nicotine. One can use vapes to cut down on smoking but with smart usage. It accompanies some drawbacks that can be overlooked by vaping with the right tactics. Use Elf bar vapes in the right manner to enjoy.

What is an Elf bar made up of?

The Elf bar that is available in different countries is made up of following five components:

  • It is made up of lithium batteries that can vary upon the number of cycles to be used.
  • It consists of an electronic circuit. This circuit activates each time one puts suction on the vape. This activation transfers the heat to the boiler to evaporate liquid.
  • Also the craziest part about this bar is that it has a boiler which itself radiates heat. This will further hear the liquid around it and produce steam.
  • The product also has liquid present in it. The amount of this liquid will vary upon the number of hits mentioned on the product.
  • The entire system is then surrounded by the Elf bar system itself.

 This is not it, there are certain ingredients present in this vape that are to be known to everyone:

  • Vegetable glycerin: this is a generally used ingredient and found in a variety of daily life products.
  • Propylene glycol: This compound is majorly used in the food industry.
  • Nicotine salt: It has nicotine salt whose absorption is faster making it more effective.
  • Aromas: Elf bar contains both natural and artificial aromas responsible for the smell and taste.

 What are facts to be known about Elf bar?

Here are some interesting facts you should know about Elf bar:

  • It doesn't contain tar and won't smell like burning cigarettes.
  • One need not use any kind of open flame or lighter to use it.
  • It has less harmful chemicals unlike cigarettes that have thousands of them.
  • Is present in both nicotine free and nicotine included variants.

To end

 Every coin has two sides, so does the Elf Bar BC5000. Even though it has a nicotine content, that's moderate enough. Hence it could be a saviour for people trying to cut down nicotine intake. If you are in search of an affordable way to overcome smoking, Elf bar is worth a try.

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