EB Create BC5000 Review: Perfect For Beginners With Sweet Tooth

Is it worthwhile to choose EBCreate over the many disposable vaporizers available? Yes, if you prefer stronger flavors; otherwise, I'll cover all you require to know in this review.  
EB Create BC5000 Review

Another day, another disposable vaporizer to review! I'm holding the EB Create BC5000 currently. This vape can hold 13ml of e-juice and has a nicotine level of 50mg/ml. It is rechargeable via Type-C and vaporizes e-juice with a mesh coil. There are about fifty different flavors available.

Is it worthwhile to choose EBCreate over the many disposable vaporizers available? Yes, if you prefer stronger flavors; otherwise, I'll cover all you require to know in this review.  

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.


Design and Build Quality

Despite their dimensions of 79 mm by 41 mm by 19 mm, they seem much smaller. Their curving sides and corners give them a rectangular shape, making them seem smaller than they are.

They are easy to grab and hide when held in my hand. Depending on the flavor, the case's shiny gradient finish changes color. They are slippery, but I enjoy how the coating feels and how well it has stood up under normal wear. Even after several drops and sliding in and out of my pockets, the shiny finish has not cracked or scratched. 

A unique rubbery substance surrounds the mouthpiece. Although it is rather rigid, some modifications are still feasible. Because it is rubberized, the drip tip feels great on my lips, and I like how it looks with the device. The color of the rubberized top piece varies with flavor, similar to the body's gradient.

EB Create Features

Considering its small size, the EBCreate has decent specifications. Each features a rechargeable battery that endures approximately 5000 puffs and holds 13ml of e-juice. Although the battery's actual capacity is not listed anywhere, I believe it is 650mAh. These disposables come in a 50 mg/mL strength. While the airflow cannot be changed, the draw is a comfortable medium mouth-to-lung draw. 

I didn't get these accidentally triggered in my bag because they simply take just a tiny bit of pressure to operate. Simply remove the silicone mouthpiece plug and sticker from the package, inhale, and vape. They have no settings to worry about or change, making them as simple to use as you would expect from a disposable vape.

EB Create Flavors.

One of the most enticing features of the EB Create BC5000 is the variety of flavors available. Most of the options are fruit combos, all of which are rather sweet. This means that these may be a wonderful choice for you if you appreciate fruit flavors and want sweeter disposable vaporizers.

I'll give my thoughts on five of these flavors, as well as how they taste. But keep in mind that just because I like a flavor does not mean you will too. In a similar line, just because I dislike a flavor does not mean you would, either. This is just my opinion.

Crazy Berry (Mix)

I taste delicate notes of blueberry and raspberry, as well as a distinct strawberry flavor. The three berries function extremely nicely together. Because I love strawberry flavors that taste natural rather than candied, I appreciate that strawberry is the primary flavor here. There is some cooling on the inhale and exhale, but it is not significant.

Snow ice

This candy's flavor is difficult to identify because it contains fruit undertones, is candied, and is exceedingly sweet. I don't believe EB was looking for a specific candy, but more for a generic candy taste. As long as you prefer a sweet vape, I believe this flavor is wonderful.

Strawberry mango

This is the best strawberry-mango combination I've ever had. Its flavor is natural, true to the fruit, and authentic. Mango flavors blend throughout the remainder of the draw, with strawberry being the most apparent on the inhale. I think this is my favorite because of how well the two fruit flavors combine.

Lemon Mint

I find this to be an odd flavor because I can only taste the tart taste and not the lemon or mint. The final exhale contains a tinge of mint, but it isn't as strong as it should be. Also, I wish the lemon flavor had been more evident. It's appealing since the flavor is both sweet and strong.

Strawberry watermelon

Here's another excellent flavor. Both the watermelon and strawberry fragrances are present on the inhale and exhale in similar amounts. However, it is fairly sweet, similar to their other tastes. The watermelon flavor is similar to candy, yet it tastes more natural. 

How Does EB Create the BC5000 Vape?

The BC5000 disposables from EB Create are exceptional. However, as I have noted several times in this review, all of the flavors tilt toward sweetness. If you have a sweet tooth and want your vaporizer to have extra "pop" with each inhale, this is ideal. If you prefer milder flavors, their intense sweetness and richness will overwhelm you.

These have a moderate mouth-to-lung draw (MTL). It's not difficult to draw because it favors a loose MTL over a tight MTL. With each puff, I get a decent amount of vapor and it seems natural to inhale. I've had no trouble getting these to activate, and the draw activation functions well. 

One notable feature of the EBCreate is that when the battery runs out, it simply stops firing altogether. As the battery dies, the tug becomes noticeably weaker. Additionally, there is no pass-through charging, so you must wait for it to charge before using it again.

I got a full day of use out of a single full charge from an EB Create Vape. Having a few of them on hand at all times can help to extend their usable lives and keep you from being stranded with a dead throwaway just when you need it the most.

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