Drip on Tropical Flavors by Air Bar Max

Drip on Tropical Flavors by Air Bar Max

Air Bar Max, the spanking-new disposable pod is known for long draw, tight throat hits and sensational feels. It’s equipped with a high-density 1250mAh built-in battery to keep you going. This little monster holds 6.5ml vape juice and a 2000 puff count for a quality vaping experience. 

 Comes with a draw-activated firing mechanism, leak-resistant technology and adjustable airflow for intense and satisfying flavors all in a stylish compact design. With 23 exquisite flavors, each flavor is uniquely crafted with a juicy concoction of fruits, leaving your taste buds on edge, waiting for the next draw. 

 If you are bored of basic flavors, it’s time for a change and switching to something bold and clean that rules your taste buds like a real thing. 

 A Sneak Peek of Air Bar Max Flavors 

 A sleek yet powerful design that is extremely compact with an ergonomic structure design comprises 23 exotic flavors. With plenty of options to choose from, pick the one that suits your taste. Here is what each flavor delivers. 

Sakura Grape AKA Cherry Blossom Grape 

 Rainbow of taste to heal your soul, Sakura Grape is a sharp, sweet and fruity flavour with all the goodness of fresh cherries and grapes. The taste is so clean and refreshing, that’ll sort out all your worries and offer an intense level of satisfaction. The flavour by Air Bar Max is as close to biting into the real deal as you’ll get. 


Wondering what flavor is Holly Air Bar Max? Holly is a blend of different varieties of mint such as Peppermint, Pineapple Mint, Menthol and Spearmint. The flavour is so refreshing that it will have your taste buds tingling. The cooling sensation of Holly will take your vape game to a whole new level. 

Shake Shake

As the name states, Shake Shake is a blend of exotic creams and ice cream with velvet texture. The flavour is ideal for vapers who love vaping on dessert vapes and cannot resist the goodness of cream. It delivers a tidal wave of flavors that will overwhelm your mouth, offering an amazing vaping effect. 

Kiwi Berry Ice

Close your eyes and think about tasting the most filling kiwi smoothie topped with luscious berries. Kiwi Berry Ice is an explosive combination of sweet and tart kiwis that perfectly ties a knot with strawberries and raspberries. Plus the cooling sensation of ice gives a perfect end to the puff. 

Red Mojito AKA Cranberry Mint Lime

A flavour that will overcoat you with freshness and satisfaction, Red Mojito is a real player that will brighten up your day. The sweetness of cranberries on the inhale and soft tartness of mint lime on the exhale followed by a splash of icy mint. This magical trio tastes like sipping over a fresh cocktail. 


Are you thinking what is the taste of Pudding Air Bar Max like? Sweet, cloudy and diving, this flavour is a burst of freshly baked bread, butter, maple syrup and whip cream. It will fill your mouth with ultimate sweetness and will hug your sweet tooth like a soulmate. 

On the Contrary

The darkest taste of the flavors is waiting for you. So prepare for an experience that you’ve never experienced before. Enjoy a perfectly tropical experience with Air Bar Max followed by an intense aroma and great steam production. If some clean and long-lasting flavors were missing from your collection for so long, you’ll definitely find something better for you in the above-mentioned inventory. There are several other flavors to try too, we’ll be covering them in another blog. Till then, happy vaping!

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