Detail Guide: Lush 3300 Disposable Vape

Detail Guide: Lush 3300 Disposable Vape

Smokers who wish to quit smoking are increasingly turning to disposable vapes. The best disposable e-cigarettes closely recreate the feel and experience of smoking a cigarette, and they come in a range of delicious flavors. They are also far more accessible to carry than a pack of cigarettes, as most of them are the size of a regular USB drive.


Vaping with Lush 3300 disposable vape is also the most convenient option. They are small and portable, and they are pre-filled with e-juice, so you won't have to worry about running out. There is also no need to recharge them because they may be tossed in electronic garbage after they are finished.

Learn how to use the Lush 3300 single-use vape pen.

The Lush 3300 disposable vape retains its original design but adds the ability to recharge it, allowing you to increase your e-liquid capacity and puff count dramatically! In addition, a sliding switch on the bottom of the device will enable you to control the airflow in this improved version. Despite the lack of a Micro USB charger in the box, Lush 3300 disposable vape chargers are available separately. 

A lush disposable vape has how many hits?

Please follow local laws and rules when disposing of battery cells, chargers, or other electronic equipment, including Lush 3300 disposable vape. Numerous locations will adequately dispose of your batteries. 

The Lush 3300 disposable vape is a crisp, cold, and fruity disposable vape pen that combines juicy, sweet watermelon and menthol flavor. The Lush 3300 disposable vape pen may last up to 3300 puffs with 8.2ml of 50mg (5%) e-liquid in this disposable vape.

Is it possible to detect how much juice is left in a disposable vape?

Puffing will stop producing enough vapor, and the blue light on the tip will stop shining when you're done. Each disposable will provide roughly 3300 puffs to the average user.

When your disposable vape stops working, what should you do?

Examine the battery contact for clogging or coating in Lush 3300 disposable vape. If this happens, clean the contact areas with rubbing alcohol-soaked and let the terminal dry, and then reconnect your cartridge to the battery and try again. Check to see whether your battery is fully charged and that your device is switched on.

The Lush 3300 disposable vape is a disposable gadget with an embedded 600mAh rechargeable battery that provides 3300 puffs of exquisite aromatic vapor before being discarded. Each device contains 8.2ml of Nic Salt (5%) with well-known tastes that will keep you wanting more. In addition, the airflow has been improved, resulting in continuously smooth inhalations throughout the disposable. The airflow can be changed using the switch situated at the device's base.

Flavors of Lush 3300 disposable vape:

  • Strawberry Milk Tea 
  • Lychee White Peach 
  • Blue Razz 
  • Zush Ice 
  • Cool Mint 
  • Grape Gum 
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava 
  • Orange Mango Guava 
  • Lychee Watermelon Ice 

Specifications of Lush 3300 disposable vape

  • Each e-cigarette contains 8.2 mL of salt nicotine.
  • It has 5 percent nicotine by weight
  • Pre-charged and pre-filled
  • Approximately 3300 puffs each device
  • A draw activates the firing mechanism.

 Final thoughts

 Vapers may enjoy a long-lasting and delectable vape with the Lush 3300 disposable vape, available in various flavors. It's an amazing product that every vape lover must try and experience themselves.

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