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Do you want to quit cigarettes but not stop smoking? Here is the solution to your problem. Vape device is the most popular smoking product, which is available in fantastic flavors, and the design attracts vapers to buy the product. Earlier, it was a little inconvenient to use cigarettes everywhere because the flame of cigarettes is dangerous in some places like petrol pumps and so many areas.

As everything needs to change according to the trend, Vapor Boss is the electric vape manufacturing company that manufactures vape devices for customer convenience. Sometimes, when vapers do vaping because of burnt coil vapors, it doesn't make as properly as vapers expect. In this blog, we will share the features or benefits of Drip Trip, which can always make your vaping experience unique and extraordinary.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

What is a Drip Trip?

While vaping, vapers expect the best refreshes and cool mint. Sometimes, because of the burnt coil, electric vapes don't vaporize properly and give a burnt taste. Drip Trip is here not to ruin your vaping experience; this is the product of Vapor Boss, which enhances your e-liquid taste and vaporizes appropriately. Leaking of e-liquid is also a very general problem; in that situation, a Drip trip can help you for a fantastic experience. Vapor Boss has designed this product in a very relaxed manner.  

How does the Electric vape device work?

Electric vape devices have become increasingly popular as a smoking alternative. If you're looking to quit cigarettes without giving up the experience, you're in the right place. These devices offer a trendy and appealing way to enjoy smoking, providing a satisfying vaping experience with a variety of flavors. One of the key advantages is the convenience of vaping anywhere, anytime. Charge your device before use. Since electric vapes lack a fire flame, they are not subject to restrictions in usage locations.

Vapor Boss Mission

Vapor Boss is the most demanding and famous in the vaping market, having worked for so long with satisfied customers. Our mission is to provide the best quality and budget-friendly product. We understand the challenges and experience you get from the vape devices and how important it is to get relieving and stress-free vaping after a buddy schedule.

Comparison between 810 drip tips & 510 drip tips

Vapor Boss manufactures both devices, but there are some differences between 810 drip tips & 510 Drip Tips. Both devices are different in size. 810 Drip Tip have an 8mm diameter with 10 threads; on the other hand, Drip Tip 510 have a diameter of 5mm and 10 threads. Both are mouthpieces for vaping devices and come in various designs and materials, letting users customize their experience for comfort and smoothness. There is an easy way to use this device, which you will know below. These mouthpieces fit onto the tank or atomizer of a vaping device, allowing users to inhale the vapor. The size difference affects airflow and vapor production.

How to use Drip Tip?

Using this Drip Tips device is a simple process, requiring only a few easy steps. Before attaching the tool to your vaping device, ensure it's compatible. Once confirmed, apply a little pressure to secure it at the top. This ensures that when you use your device, the vapor goes straight to your mouth without passing through the coils. The tool is durable and lasts long, depending on your vaping frequency. It enhances the flavor and provides a strong throat hit. If the device doesn't meet your expectations, you can adjust the airflow on your vape. Some devices have an airflow control ring that allows users to customize their experience.

How does this electric vape device enhance the vaping experience?

Below are the benefits of using an electric vape device:-

  • As electric vape devices do not contain tobacco, and smokers believe that vaping devices are less harmful than cigarettes.
  • Smokers invest half of their amount in buying cigarettes, but electric vape devices are a one-time payment source, and you can enjoy your vaping experience for a long time.
  • Some people use vaping devices to quit smoking habits; this device could be best known for you to quit cigarettes without stopping smoking. 
  • To enhance the vaping experience, electric vaping offers you different levels of e-liquid, which gives flavors while vaping.
  • While smoking, it's also essential to have a large number of vapors, but cigarettes cannot give you that experience. Vaping devices can fulfill your wish, too.  
  • Using a stick full of tobacco cannot make you attractive, but electric vape devices are designed in that way to make you wise, and these devices are eye-catching, too.
  • You cannot carry Cigarettes everywhere because they are made from soft paper, but electric vape devices are easy to have whether you want to put them in your pocket or bag.  


Vape Drip Tip has only one vision: to provide the best vaping experience and grow in the vaping world. This product guarantees to make every vaping cloud experience pleasurable. Every component of an electric vape is essential, but this product is irreplaceable. Our vision is to spread our product in the vaping world. Are you looking for a change? Here is the first step. Buy now, and this product has no delivery charge. All the materials used to make Drip Trip specials, like aluminum, glass, and more, are imported. We are affordable and provide free shipping. If you are a vaper, take it. 

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