Coastal Clouds eJuice Review: Peach Tea

It is a really special firm since their branding incorporates themes. For instance, its Oceanside theme offers three e-liquids—lemonades, teas, and cigars—that are perfect for a beachside setting.
Coastal Clouds eJuice Review: Peach Tea

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Put your feet up, take a seat, and unwind while sipping a large glass of iced tea that has just been squeezed. It seems soothing, doesn't it? That's precisely the reason Coastal Cloud's Peach Tea was developed—to provide you with a little getaway in the sky without ever having to leave your house! I am eager to share my experience with you since this is the first e-liquid I have tried. With this lovely e-liquid flavor, we're heading Oceanside, so grab some sunscreen and sunglasses!

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.


It is a really special firm since their branding incorporates themes. For instance, its Oceanside theme offers three e-liquids—lemonades, teas, and cigars—that are perfect for a beachside setting. I noticed that coastal clouds disposable link

has a new look for their labels when I visited their website. As a result, the bottle and packaging you receive may differ from what I've described. Be assured that this e-juice is identical, only with a fresh appearance.


The 60mL bottle is made entirely of black plastic, which made it difficult for me to notice the e-liquid's color and consistency. I do realize that black plastic helps increase the vape juice's shelf life, but it also made it impossible for me to tell how much e-liquid was left in the container. The bottle arrived in a vibrant, thin cardboard box with the label bearing identical information except for the VG/PG ratio, which was 70/30. The flavor profile and VG/PG ratio were actually described on the right side of the box—they weren't even mentioned on the internet! In addition to three peaches and a surfboard wedged in the sand, I thought it strange that neither of them had the VG/PG ratio mentioned.

The label itself was straightforward, humorous, and utterly charming. I liked how the brand name, e-liquid name, bottle size, and nicotine level were all shown on the label with a peach coloured backdrop. Although it is available in 0 or 6 mg doses, I selected 3 mg of nicotine. The mandatory statement that this product contains nicotine and that nicotine is an addictive substance was located on the left side of the label. The product's components list, age limitations, storage advice, and any appropriate cautions were all listed on the left side of the label.

Above the barcode, there were three warning emblems advising against consuming the goods, along with what appeared to be a hookah setup. These symbols meant that, despite the product's appealing aroma (which we'll discuss shortly!), it should not be consumed. I thought the label was really colorful and upbeat, and it did a great job representing the business. I discovered that while the corporate website lists Peach Tea eJuice as costing $25, we just charge $10.99 for it here! Is the flavor truly worth this much, though? In this review's Fillup section, we're going to discover it! Let's investigate that now!


As I previously stated, the 60mL plastic bottle is made of black plastic, so you won't be able to determine its color or consistency until it's in your tank. After I filled my tank, I saw why they requested a dark plastic: even with 3 mg of nicotine, the e-liquid is totally transparent! This explained why the plastic was so black: dark bottles assist slow down the decomposition of e-juice and lengthen the shelf life. The e-juice's light and watery nature was visible when I brought the bottle up to the light. Once into my tank, it became thicker, but it stayed clear and became somewhat thicker when sloshed about.

Although the plastic bottle had a childproof top, it was readily removed from my hand with a few careful twists. My tank filled up really quickly and mess-free thanks to the narrow fill-tip, which made it possible for the e-liquid to flow into it in a couple of seconds. I tried to smell the e-liquid by holding the bottle up to my nose, but I could hardly smell anything. I could hardly detect anything other than a very subtle sweetness, even after giving the bottle a couple gentle squeezes. 

The sweetness smelt very faintly of peaches, but other than that, it was hard to identify the sweetness's scent. I was a little apprehensive about this because the e-liquids I had reviewed in the past had a fragrance that helped me determine what the real e-liquid will taste like. I've discovered that you shouldn't evaluate an e-liquid by its aroma alone since there have been certain flavors that, although they smelled great, were completely disappointing to vape. To be honest, I was worried that this peach flavor would not live up to my expectations. However, let's examine the taste test portion of the review to find out whether I was right.


When I first tried this coastal clouds link  salt nic, I was a little dubious. I love peaches, in e-liquid form and as a fruit, however a lot of e-liquids with peach flavors have disappointed me. I've tried a lot of peach flavors, and most of them have left me with an awful aftertaste or a really fake peach flavor that made me throw away the entire bottle. You may say that I took a leap of faith in purchasing this as I had never trusted the peach e-liquids that were sold in stores for years. My patience paid off, wow!


The inhalation had just the right amount of sweetness—it was smooth and gentle. However, this e-liquid truly came to life on the exhale. My eyebrows flew up in amazement at how refreshingly sweet the peach flavor came through. Like the beverage itself, the peach flavor was quite intense on the exhale and dissipated into a mild remembrance. This tasted a lot like homemade peach sun tea, which is crisp, light, and sweet—exactly what you want in a summer beverage. From the first hit, I could tell right away what the peach was since it was so basic. Additionally, it had a very little drying feeling on my tongue, exactly how peach tea tastes in real life. I kept coming back for more of this flavor, surprised at how much I liked it.


Since this is a coastal clouds review link  of an e-juice that tastes like peaches, I approached it with considerable caution. Additionally, after the first few puffs, I fully anticipated the e-juice, which is a peach tea blend, to be watery and dull. Happily, I can state that none of this was true. I cherished the genuine peach flavor and relished each puff I took. It had a little sweetness that subsided at the finish, much like a sip of peach tea. The flavor is so smooth and refreshing that it almost seems like you're drinking a glass of sweet peach tea, which is why I can definitely suggest it as an all-day vape juice!

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