Candy King Gold Bar Vape Product Review: All You Need To Know

Delve into the world of Candy King Gold Bar with our comprehensive review. From flavors to performance, get all the details for an informed vaping experience
Candy King Gold Bar Vape

Candy King Gold Bar Vape promises an elegant and classy alternative to the popular brightly colored plastic disposable vapes. Read our review to find out if these vapes live up to the hype.

Check out below to learn more about its sleek design features, potential drawbacks, and whether it's the correct disposable for you.

What makes the Candy King Gold Bar Vape a one-of-a-kind product?

Let's get right to it by emphasizing that the design and tastes are the main draws of this device.

We dare any vape enthusiast not to be captivated by the beauty and build quality.

We offer Candy King Gold Bar Flavors link five stars for their stunning display of the product when it's delivered to your door, from the box to the completed product that you touch and vape in your hands.

The gadget is packed inside a contemporary black plastic wrapping, which keeps it neatly secured inside until ready to vape, and the packaging is extremely tastefully presented.

There are over 13 distinct tastes to choose from, all of them are a combination of fruit and menthol.

While many throwaway manufacturers imitate taste profiles in order to remain competitive, Candy King Gold Bar Vape has developed some exclusive and unique flavor profiles that give absolutely excellent flavor from the 'hyper mesh' coils design.

I'm not sure what they mean by that coil shape, and there isn't much information on their official website, but first testing shows that the taste is superb.

The Build Quality 

As promised, the first impression is of something different - perhaps classier. The innovative packaging is bullion-styled and angular, with a satin gold sleeve from which you slide out the main box, as the name indicates. The inside package is shaped like an ingot and includes the appropriate safety warnings, contents, and a QR code to verify authenticity. The design style is black and gold, with a splash of color writing indicating the taste on the side panel.

The Candy King gold bar link is a pen-style cuboid instrument with a brushed metal feel and a satin gold hue. It includes a contrasting black glossy mouthpiece and base, as well as fine detailing that displays the company logo and flavor/strength. 

This is a sturdy, non-rechargeable disposable vape. Internally, you'll find a standard-sized battery and a pre-filled tank with 13ml of 5mg nicotine-salt-based e-liquid. As with other vapes, the device is wrapped in foil to preserve taste and protect it from the weather until it is used. According to the specs, each of these gadgets can produce up to 6000 puffs and has 13 taste selections.

Candy King Gold Flavors Testing

When I tested the Candy King Gold Bars, I discovered that they have a much tighter pull than other devices, which I enjoy. Like any disposable, the first few puffs are powerful, but with prolonged usage, the flavor and vapor output improves.

All 13 tastes are distinct, and while I did not find them overbearing, others may find them somewhat too sweet (with the exception of the spearmint, which I thought extremely sweet).

As we can see from customer product evaluations and comments on social media, vaping sparks heated debate and splits viewpoints, owing to the subjective nature of tastes.

Aside from the Gummy Worms, which were delicious and nothing like I expected, I thought the taste should have been a little stronger.

There's a world of difference stylistically between them and competitive offers from names like Elf, Geek, and Voopoo. The latter's items stand out with bright hues and eye-catching packaging, but the Candy King Gold Bars are modest and the least 'throwaway-looking' disposable I've seen.

These devices are acceptable for vaping outdoors at a wedding, at a beautiful hotel, or at a garden party. They don't appear like anything you'd buy at a nightclub at 2 a.m.


In terms of performance, Candy King gold bar vape lasted me well over a day with moderate usage. Each bar functioned reliably, and the taste did not diminish significantly with time. Among those I tried, the battery died before the e-liquid ran out, thus there were no dry hits. Despite the demise of the battery, they lasted at least 6000 puffs, if not more.

We feel that this vape has done an excellent job of introducing something new and exciting to the market, providing vapers with a new gadget to test and another option to add to their collection. Similarly, it may be the type of kit that appeals to smokers wanting to quit, but who believe large vape kits are too flashy and lack a distinctive selling feature.

This has wonderful taste, a respectable battery life, is simple to use, and has an appealing form factor and appearance. This immediately draws attention, and there are some fresh and fascinating tastes to sample. 

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