Benefits Of Vaping On Lush 3300

Benefits Of Vaping On Lush 3300

Vaping is the new go-to for puffers and all it takes to a rewarding throat hit is to select the right vape gadget for oneself. Since the market is currently lined up with innumerable devices that can take you to the ultimate puffing relaxation, finding a perfect vape can get complicated and time-consuming. If you are currently trapped in such a situation then you must blindly order Lush 3300 because it covers the maximum features that vapers in today’s time usually look for. Right from the amount and flow of vapors to its convenient and lightweight structuring and flavor list, everything precisely concludes to a happy vape time.

Let’s take you straight to the important perks of vaping on this device-

# It's a one-time use device

Designed with the latest ergonomics, this vape unit can be used just once and then demands disposal. The idea is to give the vaper a care-free vape time that demands zero fuss and frets when it comes to maintaining the vape system.

# Super Fine Puffs and Airflow

In a disposable vape, the number of puffs makes all the difference. Lush 3300, as the name suggests has around 3300 puffs to offer with a thick velvety airflow that won’t hinder your flow even once. The size comes so perfectly textured that not even once will you feel the need to adjust the airflow. 

# It is buttonless 

This buttonless device demands absolutely nothing from the vapor other than inhaling the nicotine clouds straight into the lungs. It comes pre-filled and pre-charged and is intended to add comfort and luxury to the vaping experience of a vaper. There is no worry about arranging the vaping accessories with this unit. You just have to dispose of the unit by following the wise measure as the body is plastic supported which might add up to the environment's degradation.

# Based on the ergonomics

The making of this pod mod is super cool. From the design feels to its cloud delivery, everything feels ultimate. It has a battery installed that gives you an effortless 3300 Puff numbers, to quote roughly. These are created with 5ml of vape juice that is strengthened by a perfect 5 mg or 5 % of nicotine level per the weight of the e-liquid. The concoction of the vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol is 70:30 and the flavorings are added to intensify the flavor.

Alert: Nicotine is addictive. Minors stay away! Pregnant women should also keep off!

# Flavors are fair and fine

The mouth-watering flavors of Lush 3300 are fab. To give your palates the perfect fancy, the following are the awesomely blended taste options that'll take your tongues and throats on a heavenly trip. Newbies can try everything before deciding on their favorite one.

  • Aloe White Grape
  • Blue Razz
  • Strawberry Milk Tea
  • Lychee Watermelon Ice
  • Zush Ice
  • Cool Mint
  • Grappe Gum
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
  • Lychee White Peach
  • Orange Mango Guava

All the above 10 flavor concoctions are prepared using safe ingredients and the proportions are inch-perfect to engage your taste buds and throats into a stress-free zone. Whatever flavor you select, you are going to feel the tranquility for sure.

Can Lush 3300 be used for DL vaping?

It is suitable only for those who choose to fabricate their vaping needs through Mouth to Lung Vaping style over the Direct To Lung vape technique this is because despite having an open airflow draw, it has limitations being a throwaway device.

Does Lush 3300 need recharge?

No, it is backed by a powerful battery that can effortlessly land you to 3300 clouds and there won’t be any need to recharge it.

All in All,

Lush 3300 disposable vape that has extravagant features and a travel-friendly design to make your vape breaks easy and stylish. You just have to be careful while selecting the real vape and finish it off within two years of its manufacturing date.

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