Appease your palette with Lost Mary's contemporary flavors- A Review

Appease your palette with Lost Mary's contemporary flavors- A Review

You've probably seen Lost Mary vapes pop up alongside other disposable vape companies like Geek Bar and Elf Bar. Lost Mary’s are making waves in the vaping community thanks to their unique form and low pricing point, as well as their intriguing flavour choices.

Elf Bar's newest product, Lost Mary, is every vaper's go-to disposable pod for a night out. The Lost Mary OS5000 is a compact, portable disposable vape that delivers the smoothest throat hit of any major pod kit on the market. The Lost Mary, which uses 5% nic salts, is a highly smooth disposable that pulls out the most flavour for a fair price.

The Lost Mary OS5000 gadget is roughly 1 3/4 inches tall.It is 1" broad by 2 3/4" tall and 1" thick. It has an oval-shaped mouthpiece that reaches 3/4 of the way from the top." It has the same size as soap bars, and the edges are gently rounded. A slot at the top may be utilised to charge a type-C charger.

It is tough to lift the flap that covers the charging port. I now see why several of the devices supplied to me for testing had the little rubber cover pulled off. A shining light at the top, directly next to a charging plug, changes colour to green when charging to entire capacity or moderate charge, blue for mid, and red for low expenses. I initially thought the hole at the top was for air intake, but when I vaporised it, I discovered it was the battery-level indicator. I'm not sure where the intake hole is, but it provides enough airflow to build a respectable MTL.

The front and back are covered with what seems to be low-cost coloured plastic. The top, centre, and sides are made of a more strong matting plastic that is more durable. The mouthpiece is composed of the same substance that has a texture and is easy to insert into your mouth. The surface offers a firm grip, as well as the plastic mouthpiece is properly shaped to fit your mouth.

I couldn't find any anti-piracy program on the bar, packaging, or case. Bummer. Thankfully, delivers Lost Mary Disposables straight to Elf Bar, so if you order today from, you can be confident that no one has tampered with them or sold you a counterfeit. One of the benefits of purchasing directly from a competent Elf Bar Distributor is this.

Despite the fact that the bar's components are made of lightweight plastic, it was rather hefty and "dropped" this Kiwi Fruit Guava-flavored Lost Mary numerous times; yet, it did not crack or break. I threw it against the cement a few times, and it produced a sound like it was ready to shatter into bits (like toys hitting the ground), rather than a booming bang like the Elf Bar did when it hit the ground. After repeated gravity tests, it did not fracture or shatter.

The 13ml capacity is plenty for vape juice, which means you won't consume all 5000 puffs before the Lost Mary disposable runs out of energy and needs to be recharged. Because the battery is smaller than that of other disposables on the market, there is greater motivation to recharge the vaporizer. It's as simple as charging a phone using a USB-C cord. A little light at the top blinks to signify that it is required. During charging, the battery's LED indication changes from blue to red to green. It will blink multiple times before going off after it has finished setup. After approximately a half-hour of charging, I was ready to finish the remaining e-Juice in the tank when the battery died. The battery's 650 MAH capacity enables for shorter durations of vaping before it has to be recharged.


After experimenting with the collection for two weeks, I can say that the fruit flavours were spot on, with the exception of the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava. They also had Cotton Candy, Strawberry Sundae, & Cranberry Soda in addition to fruity tastes. Cotton Candy & Cranberry Soda were my favorite's of the three, while Strawberry Sunday fell short of my expectations. I liked two of the flavors (Strawberry pina colada as well as Cranberry Soda). To enjoy an all-day vapour, I like the solid natural-tasting fruit flavours, and I enjoyed the entire Lost Mary flavour variety. I smoked them at odd intervals all day long for many days after placing them near my printer. The bulk of these are excellent all-day vapes.

Wrapping It Up

If you want refreshing, sweet, frosty fruit flavors, there are some wonderful options available here. Most (if any) of them have an ice flavor. (Mint, Menthol, or Coca-Cola). Those who do not have iciness may have utilized it.

Certainly, they're wonderful taste combinations that are juicy and sweet, like the Vaal Max (sub-ohm vape hits like an enormous truck). Due to the low and restricted airflow, you may produce an adequate MTL puff, but not a DTL (Direct to Lung) puff.

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